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I've hit the wall with frustration

I'll preface this by saying that, for the most part, I love this game. I've worked with the difficulty sliders, and have them set between All-Star and Legend to keep the win/loss ratio as realistic as possible, given that I'm playing as the Cubs. Legend difficulty is a little too much at times, and All-Star is way too easy.

I also want to make it clear that I don't mind losing. In fact, the threat of losing makes the game way more enjoyable than when I have the feeling that I can't lose. It's when I feel cheated that all the fun goes out of the game. I refuse to let the computer have a win when I feel like I'm being cheated.

Having said that, I've been played through a season with the Cubs, and made it to the series with the Yankees. I'd really been looking forward to that series in particular, but that's when things went sour.

Game #1, Attempt #1:

Pitching with Carlos Zambrano, with a no-hitter going into the 6th inning, and the game crashes to desktop. Fine. Frustrating, but can't be helped.

Game #1, Attempt #2:

Again, pitching with Carlos Zambrano, the Cubs ace. Pitches are nowhere close to their aim point. Not talking a bit off, as they always are. I'm talking way on the opposite side of the strike zone. A pitch aimed inside ends up well outside, and vice versa. Finally, a pitch I intended to go way outside ends up going right down the middle and becomes a 3-run homer to break a tie.

Game #1, Attempt #3

The Yankees hit a fly ball to center. I take control of the center fielder... who... just... won't...move. He's got the control circle around him and I can queue up the throw to the cut-off man. I just can't move him. The ball flies over his head, lands in the grass and rolls all the way to the wall where it's fielded by my far-ranging right fielder. Inside the park home run. Yankees go up by 3.

Game #1, Attempt #4:

Game going well. Scoreless into the 5th. Yankees hit a ground ball to third. I take control of the third baseman, who stands as still as a statue. I can't move him. Ball slowly rolls to left field and the Yankees get a double out of it. Fine. Not a game-breaker. Next batter hits a slow line drive almost right at the third baseman who again stands there like a statue. I can't move him. Yankees take a 2-0 lead.

Game #1, Attempt #5.

Game is going great. Scoreless game going into the 8th. I finally get my second hit of the game, it appears. The ball is hit hard right up the middle directly toward the second base bag. Suddenly, the shortstop dons his roller skates and jet pack, literally glides in from his position at about 50mph, grabs the ball and throws me out at first. He never actually ran. He just slid in the dirt all the way over.

Okay. Glitch. I can handle that once.

My next batter hits it in the same place. Right at the second base bag. This time, the shortstop has loaned his skates and rocket pack to the second baseman and he hits 50mph, gets the ball and throws me out.

After all that, I say heck with it, and in disappointment decide to simulate the rest of the series. Surprise, surprise. Yankees sweep the series, says the simulation.

At this point I'm not sure I want to finish out the season. Blech!

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