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campaign, haven, 3rd map - stuck in cutscene

Hi there.

I am in the above mentioned mission and trying to get to Flammschrein. My hero crossed a river and is at a crossing. I see a stable there. What happens now when I move to conquer it:

the camera moves to a bit further ahead, where I see a wall with gates. In front of the gates is a 'human' hero. South of that is a naga-hero that moves north - and then strays right to hug the mountain range there. That's it. All my controls are disabled. Only thing left is to close the game via task-manager.

I tried waiting, approaching step by step... I would appreciate any help but "start over", because it's close to the end of that map with some hours already spent on it.

Damn - first time I felt things went really smooth, then again a bug that stops me right at the end of the third map of a campaign. Conspiracy theory anyone?
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I have the exactly same problem as you, anyone know any solution?
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I believe I have found the problem that causes this and a simple solution to avoiding it.

The problem itself is caused by a Hero blocking the path of the Naga hero that's scriped to move and open up a cutscene by going through the city and closing the gate behind him.

Sometimes the enemy will leave a hero in the gate and that will prevent the Naga hero from going through and his pathing code will force him to find another way around by going to the right and hit a wall also.

To avoid this...simply use your town's map revealling building to show the area where the gate and Naga hero is...and wait for a day when there's no hero anywhere near the path of the Naga and the gate then force the event to run by walking where the trigger is.

After you've done this, it should allow the script to run normally with the Naga hero going through and shutting the gate while opening a cutscene between Anton (or your custom hero) and two NPC's with you.

Hope that helps.
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Hey, same problem here. Anyone found a solution yet? Simply waiting for the blocking hero to move didn't work for me - it's been over a month now and he still hasn't moved; seems to be stuck. Really don't want to start over...
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Had the same bug, what I did was just explore the entire map,killing all neutral mobs and then the hero was no more on the entrance
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