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Review: Caster (TL;DR - 7/10, good for a 2-3 hour playthrough and/or mod tinkering)

Premise: Bearing more than a passing resemblance to Mega Man Legends (and not in a bad way), you play a young kid who has a suit that grants superhuman movement, terrain deformation and the ability to shoot stuff.

Execution: Not astounding but still remarkable; a competent indie effort. Running and jumping across the (surprisingly varied) maps is definitely fun, aiming is spotty but is still more challenging than unfair. Terrain deformation could use some work but even triple-A titles have trouble with that. It's pretty cool to see the color change as weapons are swapped.

Recommendation: If it looks interesting to you and you can spare the $5, go ahead and buy it - at the same time, know that you'll need multiple playthroughs and/or mods to get more than a few hours' entertainment out of it.

Afterthoughts: This is a good opportunity for modders; first to mess with one's own files to get better visuals and such, then to try making levels and possibly other content (apparently some has been generated already) and eventually, possibly, to get on the credits of the next chapter as a level designer.

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Thanks for the review!
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How about the music? I absolutely fell in love with the tracks. I actually ended up finding and buying Monty (Trance) Emerson's album on CDBaby
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