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Unable to access forums?

So logged into my account onto the war inc site easy enough, but now it won't let me login to their forums. Anyone else experiencing this?
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This is weird, you can login to the forums using your game account information (same username and password). If the problem persists, please send us an email to support@thewarinc.com, and we will fix it
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Red face

I can not log into forums. But I can log into game and store.

I have won/been given 4 bundles inluding IGN Prime, Alienware, etc.... but not one package is in my account. The IGN was; now its gone, And I know the chest piece is just advertising for IGN, Alienware etc but the weapons and equip were nice even if mot great.

I wrote the company support e-mail listed above many times and never got response. Anyone else having these troubles.

My original character is gone and I had too start over but I still have the old characters game stats; wth?
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