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Here you post your short story about Steam. It could be about anything. Steam Summer camp, a amazing purchase you made or a great TF2 match you had where you did nothing but eat sandwhiches or drink bonk. Heres mine

About a month or 2 ago I prepurchased Deux Ex: Human revolution. I'll be honest, those sweet tf2 items where a major draw, but i was genuinely interested in the game. When the game finally came out, i jumped in, not knowing what to expect.

MAN was i blown away! I loved the style of the graphics, the multiple ways to win, and the conspiracy riddled story. Instead of my usual loud, guns ablazing stragedy I choose the dart rifle at the beginning. I toke my out my first large group of guards by picking of stragglers with my dart gun, then throwing a concussion gernade at the largest group, and knocking out enemies as there were getting up! The flexbility and creativity of how i could win was just astonishing!
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