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Originally Posted by ShefQet View Post
Could you please verify your statement by delivering us a source where that is stated? Thank you.
I believe his source was already mentioned in the part you qouted, mate...

I know reading can be hard sometimes, but come on...

In any case, a few seconds of googling should be your friend if in doubt.

Here's the very first link I stumbled upon when googling


And yeah. Reading the current EULA nothing really changed. They still reserve the right to scan any software and peripherals you connected (that means your cell-phone you hooked up to transfer some mp3s, in case you are unaware) and they also still reserve the right to your firstborn in case they feel offended by you (one section states that 'breaking' the agreement puts harm on EA byond what money could cover and they are free to satisfy themselves, and another part states some ways you could 'break' it which includes merely sending 'inappropriate content' over the net, without even clarifying that origin needs to be involved in this).

So yeah.. Nothing changed, except they prettied up the wordings.

Gotta love how they in one part claim they would not install spyware on your system, and in a later part tell you that hacking the software in order to harvest info from others would be against their agreement... I guess their definition of spyware fluctuates entirely on who uses the software for its applicable usages.
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Originally Posted by BuckarooBanzai View Post
si, yes, da, iè, ja, yebo, oui.
Yebo? don't you mean jawohl?
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