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Missing product-key

I bought Gatling Gears through Steam yesterday. It downloaded successfully and at first run, I got a pop-up window with a code required if I want to play multiplayer.

After closing that window another pop-up window opened asking me to provide a product-key in order to start the game - I think this was a third party thing. This window states "If you bought a digital version of the game, you have received an e-mail containing the product-key". The problem is that the only e-mail I have received is the standard purchase confirmation e-mail from Steam. No product-key in that one. (SPAM-folder has been checked also.)

I tried entering the multiplayer code but that didn't work. I also tried right-clicking on Gatling Gears in my Steam library and choose to display the CD-key, but that only gives me said multiplayer key.

I sent an inquiry to the Steam support, 24 hours ago, asking them to send me this product-key but no response as of yet. It kind of annoys me a little bit - I could easily have downloaded this game from a tracker and have it up and running in ~30 minutes. Now when I chose the proper and legal way, I can't play it at all.

The rest of you who have bought Gatling Gears from Steam, did you receive a separate e-mail with the product-key?

Thank you for any help that you may provide!
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I activated my cd-key within origin and then I was able to start game from steam.

Yes, EA's new games contain this cr*p.
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