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Thumbs up I should go to bed...

I read a bit about the game in the forum.
Some people have written bad things about the game.
But they wrote it in a way, that I discounted them.
Some wrote nice things about the game, so I gave it a try.

Ok...I really should go to bed, have to be up in 6 hours,
just one more level...

I like it.
It is so simple, even "Batman: Arkham Asylum" looks like a strategy game compared to this.
But it is exactly what I just needed.
Hack and slash and a bit of spoken story and no need to choose anything but my skills.
Btw, I LIKE my skills.

You want to take your sword and kill some guys and you don't want to be bothered about silly things like ... thinking ?

Then this is it ! HAVE FUN !
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Old 10-25-2011, 05:56 PM   #2
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Ditto. Its simple but strangely its fun and the story is interesting which is all that matters to me.
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Fred DM
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one of the selling points of this game - IMO - is the Crusader setting and grail lore. i always find these two irresistably fascinating. i can't pass this up.
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Old 10-26-2011, 08:13 PM   #4
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I was really hanging back on this one until the last minute for the sale today. I thought maybe it wasn't worth it, or I should wait until I saw it for $5.00. This thread helped me decide to go for it. I gave it a spin tonight, and I agree with the sentiments here by the original poster and the followups.

It is surprisingly fun, and I'm surprised it got such a poor rating. It does seem a little quirky (it took me awhile to get used to changing the viewpoint from ground level back to overhead), but I'm not seeing the argument that the graphics are terrible, or that the voice acting is cheesy. Everything seems adequate. Maybe they didn't go over budget, but they certainly seemed to hit the basic standards.

I didn't like the registration at the beginning much. Hope the publisher learns that it's a barrier to enjoyment, but that's their business, and it wasn't too painful.

In general, I'm finding the story somewhat compelling, and I'm pretty sure I'll be playing it through. Looking forward to it!

+Rep to ZanyCynic, gijas04 and Fred DM! Thanks for the input!
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People will never cease to amaze me - what is wrong with this game that is deserving of reviews around the 5.5 mark? I can only assume that some people see Templar in the title and expect Assassin's Creed. It's a fun game and a good effort for a smaller studio.

Graphically it is decent: the comat annimations are good, the running is not terrible as people say and there are a wide variety of environments. Facial animations are not of a AAA standard, but then the AAA's license seperate technology for that.

The environmental sounds are nice, the voice acting is on the better side of the scale and the music, while not worthy of a soundtrack, sets the tone well.

The combat is fun and isn't a button-mash as has been reported. You can block, dodge and unlock combos and skills like grab, charge, whirlwind etc. There are counters, finishing animations, aggro controls. It reminds me a bit of Prince of Persia on the combat front, especially with the dual-protagonists.

The story is quite enjoyable and the dialogue is mostly good. The woman does grate on me sometimes with her constant "must be a girl thing" quips - she is a bit of a cookie cutter character. The most interesting character (and best voice actor) was unfortunately killed off early on, but I'm interested enough to be always pushing the story onwards.

The collectable system is quite good and gives you reason to look for everything - chests don't often give items, but instead give bonuses like XP or an extra skill until the end of the level. Equipment-wise, it is very light, but I like that. No spending hours deciding on the best combination of items, no having to loot all the time, no fiddling about with stats - just use your XP to unlock the skills you want, choose between 4 sets of equipment as you collect them and concentrate on romping through the levels.

In short, it does everything well. In my day that warranted a 70/100 score, which is a very good score for a smaller studio. At £5, an absolute steal.
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Old 03-11-2012, 04:51 PM   #6
محمد عباس علي
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The First Templar is alright but I found it to be a very poorly optimised game indeed. I have a Core i7 2600k, GTX590 and 16GB RAM and yet if I try to max the game out it is unplayable with some serious lag! It isn't a software or driver issue either coz I have 100's of other games that all play fine on the max of max settings so like I said it is poorly optimised. Saying that the graphics are avarage anyway so you don't really notice that mich of a distance between Medium and High. As the storyline goes it is fairly interesting and the fight with General Muzzafar kicks (I wish I could switch sides and be the General instead - the Muslim curved swords are far better than the straight Templar Knights swords!) Other than that it seems to be a bit like Assassin's Creed without all the running and jumping...
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Originally Posted by محمد عباس علي View Post
I have a Core i7 2600k, GTX590 and 16GB RAM and yet if I try to max the game out it is unplayable with some serious lag!
It's not the game. I have a lowly AMD PhenomII 3.6Ghz, 8GB RAM and a GTX 460 1GB and I can max this game with max AA and AF and run perfectly smooth, sometimes over 150FPS.

As for the game, yes it's worth it. The voice acting is fine, the environments are varied and have got plenty of atmosphere. The animation and combat might be on the simplistic side, but it's got some amazingly good environmental textures. Overall it's a good looking game. And lots of fun.
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Old 07-20-2012, 09:04 PM   #8
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I liked it and played it one release coop. The only issue I had was the map gives away all the objects hidden. It need a wee more sense of adventure and discovery. Yep this game was snubbed, it makes me wonder about Curse Crusade which I haven't purchased yet, seems very similar.

By the way this is also a lot like Hunted, which was better yet.

Don't get LOTR WITN if you play coop, buggy mess that will never be fixed. They pretty much went under and they still lie about it to this day on their forums and refuse to fix anything. They made one patch did nothing.
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