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How do these games play on PC?

I have played Telltale's Sam and Max Season 1 on PC, but lately, it seems like their recent titles have a different control scheme. Does it defeat the purpose of being a "point-and-click" adventure game, or is it still pretty standard? I played the Season 3 of Sam and Max on the PS3, and it felt like the controls were made for the console. So I haven't actually played the new control scheme on the PC, but at $10, it'd be hard to not want to at least give it a shot. I just thought I'd ask first.
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It's the same annoying control scheme. If you uses WASD instead of the stupid click and drag the mouse it works fine for the fairly limited amount of walking around you need to do in these and isn't really an issue.
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Jep WASD scheme isn't easy had to attach a controller to my notebook to play the game. Without running in into false direction . But movement by mouse works also fine.
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