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I spend 10 dollars on a game I can't play? THEN, I find out that "STEAM" doesn't help you on third party games. Don't sell it if you can't fix it! I find out that the exe. file on the game doesn't work so I can't get past the gate after I kill the second hunter. Oh, and before I get too far ahead of myself...where's the staff? I can't even get my money back for this nightmare. Game's a joke.
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Well, there is an obvious message telling you that you can't run the game on vista or 7, and there is an easily available patcher that lets you run the game.
However, I do agree in principle. Whoever thought it was a good idea to put the game on steam without the ability to run it on the operating systems available upon launch wasn't thinking clearly, or was simply lazy.
If a community made patcher is able to get the game working then so should they include some sort of developer/support equivalent in the actual game download. It's far from being a long stretch.

(p.s. necroposting is an art)

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