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Exclamation How to crack administrator password for saved games


I have only tried this on Civ IV but plan to try it on other editions when I can get a chance.

Okay, after playing a multiplayer LAN game I have no idea what I set the admin password to and we had spent ~5 hours on it.

I was quite mad bro.

I decided I have a go at cracking it, and I succeeded.

I opened the save file in a hex editor, the password wasn't in plain text but I saw numerous hashes (one way encryption). They appeared to be MD5 so I had a go at bruteforcing them, while bruteforcing I had a cracker of an idea. Replace the hashed administrator password with another hash, this time, of a password I know.

As there are something like 6 or 7 hashes, it took a few minutes to find the right one. I did, replaced it with "hello" and was quite happy to once again be able to play!

------How To Crack The Password-----

Use a hex editor liek this

open your save game, you should see something like this in the first few lines.


Highlighted in red is the md5 hash, all you need to know is that it's normally 32 characters long and a result of a mathematical scrambling of a word or number, in this case, your password.

In this case, each character of the hash what looks like a . between them, in fact, it's a null byte, note the 00 in the hex (highlighted in yellow).

What you want to do is replace this md5 hash with the hash of the password that you want to use.

go to this site here and type the password you want into the box and hit GO.

The seemingly random string that's generated is what you want, replace each character of the hash in your save game with each character of yours, making sure to leave that . between each character (if you accidentally delete one, start again, putting a new . there will not work)

for example, my 5.d. 0.1.7.c.5.9.2

will become 5.f.4.d.c.c.3.b.5.a.a.7.6.5.d.6.1.d. 8.8.2.c.f.9.9 (the steam forums may replace some of the . with spaces) after tediously replacing every character making sure not to touch the .'s

save the file and have fun with your new password!



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