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A guide to building a decent settlement in Stronghold 3

Hi people,
I've joined the forum just to comment on the game. I unlike most are enjoying the game for what it is and are keen to see the improvements that will be made as patches are introduced. The only bugs I have had are the clicking ones (having to click just under or above something to attack it etc).

Anyway, down to the problems at hand... or moreover other peoples problems which others are experiencing.

In terms of the production of food i have seen lots of people whinging and whining about not being able to keep their stronghold well fed. Well the problem your facing is this:

1. Your not setting your production lines up efficiently!
2. Your not building food producing buildings as your pop increases.

I know you guys aren't stupid so i'm going to guess that it's the first rather than the latter.

So here is what I'm going to do; I'm going to show you what I do to keep my villagers happy and fed.

GAME BEGINS - - - - -
1. Turn rations to 0
2. Turn Tax to 0
3. Drop Stockhouse
4. Drop Granary.
- 3 and 4 can win or lose you the game dependant on where they are in relation to each other.

Here is how I place mine:

5. Drop 4 Dairy Farms (trust me, Dairy farms seem to be able produces astronomical amounts of cheese for the drawback of waiting for the cows to spawn)
6. Drop 2 Woodcutters.
- Once you have 6 villagers, your popularity will go negative.
7. Increase rations to 1/4
- Wait for some wood
8. Build a Hovel next to the keep for 90 wood (10 pop increase)

By now your food and population should look like this:

9. Keep up with your population so we need to build more food producing buildings: Another 4 Dairy Farms In front of the 4 already placed
- Keeping things neat and parallel may seem OCD but it makes the chains produced later in the game a lot easier to create.

10. Quarry/Stonecutter and 4 Ox tethers
- I use 4 because usually this is stupidly far from your stockhouse. This means that there is always an Ox on the move to your stockhouse.

11. Another Woodcutter (3 should be enough for the game)
- when your close to filling your pop cap - this is when your popularity goes negative, You have the choice of increasing rations (which should be easily in the 200 range by now or building another Pop building)

12. Hovel for 90 wood - Next to the Keep.

Your settlement should look like this:

- This is where the choices you make can make or break your settlement. By this time I am thinking about throwing some kind of wall up dependant on what kind of player I'm facing. If someone has gone the unpopular rush for spearmen and attack then a wall is a must. I'm also going to say that people who rush for spearmen and attack are knobs.

13. Drop 6 Wheat farms behind your Dairy Farms
- the time between 13 and 14 will allow at least one trip to the stockhouse with wheat

14. Drop 2 Mills Next to the Stockhouse
- This is a VERY common mistake people make, putting there mills close to the wheat??! the wheat is delivered to the stockhouse so put the mill close to that...

15. Build a Hovel - Next to the Keep for 90 Wood.

16. Build 3 Bakeries close to the Stockhouse (Flour is delivered to the Stockhouse) This is the reason; right here! That you keep your granary close to your stockhouse...
- The wheat is dropped off at the storehouse, the mill drops the flour off at the storehouse and the end product needs to go to the granary. All VERY SIMPLE in order to keep your economy ticking over.

17. Build 6 Apple Orchards
18. Build a Hovel
19. Build 4 Apple Orchards


Your Village should look like this:

Now that your village is 'jarateing' food. You can raise Tax and rations to increase popularity.

I tend to stay away from meat: The cost for the farm is RIDICULOUS! The amount it produces is way to Low and the villagers seem to prefer it more than others...

This set-up should be good for about 60ish population. Which is Plenty.


Step 20! - This is your choice! - Build honour buildings for honour pre-req troops.


Go for the normal units which don't require honour.

Since it seems that enough Archers can take down ANYTHING! I go for the latter.

20. Build your Barracks away from the food to be safe.
21. Build your Armoury. Close to the stockhouse.
- Think of the armour as a second Stockhouse, specific to your army...

22. Build a Hovel. 90 wood - next to keep.

23. Drop about 4-8 fletchers; close to the stockhouse. Fletchers use wood... see where im going with all this? short trips = higher production...

24. Build a Hovel. 6 population for churning out archers.

Make a massive archer army! you win!

GAME ENDS - - - -


In terms of brewery/inn chain - Its generates more popularity than the church but requires ALOT more work...

Make Hops farm... keep them close to the stockhouse... integrating them into your current farm yard might be an idea.

Brewery opposite the bakaries. - Build an Inn Generate happiness... Profit.

I prefer the church chain. Build about 5 or so Candlemakers. Build a Church and instant +popularity. Easy.

- - - - - - - - - -
hope this helps everyone... or at least some people.

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Thanks for the guide, we need this kind of things to ease newcomers' frustration. This game is not exactly intuitive if you haven't played the previous ones.

Although there is something I'd like to say in defence of those people that are "whining and whining":

5. Drop 4 Dairy Farms [...]
6. Drop 2 Woodcutters.
- Once you have 6 villagers, your popularity will go negative.
4 farms, 6 people, which means 2 unemployed. That is way off imho.

In any case thanks for writing this!
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Don't think we were whining..lol..Just discussing the changes & output values.

Not a bad guide though. Should help beginners alot.

FYI, your picture links don't work.
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Let me please see the space that you used for this massive amount of building... was this in free build? Because i KNOW it wasnt on every economic mission... is this just in general?
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@ fenk: When you lower your rations and tax to 0. it means that once you get to 6 villagers your popularity drops to negative, thats why you build the hovel, to gain the space positive. However, I do understand what your saying. It's not very economical.

@Ric666. I'll have a look at making the links work, Thanks for telling me. Thanks; i did make it to try and help!

@sykout: this was in reference to online play mostly, as I do discuss the types of opponents I may face. It is definatley to much for any of the campaign missions. especially since where I am up to you can't even choose what to build. Thanks for the comment though!
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Links work now thx. Only problem I see is that your wheat farms are pretty far away from your storehouse.

Maybe switching them round with your top apple farms would make it more efficient as the apples go straight to the granary?
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that might be an idea! i'll have a mess around a bit more tonight!

I'm pretty sure that I can make a happy settlement without so much food. The church is really good, There must be a way to use that to my advantage more. Like others have said, I think we focus alot on the food aspect of the game and not much on the Inn or Chruch!

I'll take some screenshots later hopefully and keep this updated.
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Yup, the church gives amazing happiness & the candlemakers are as good as free which is nice
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Nice guide - thanks for that. I will certainly follow your advice - on reflection it is of course very sensible!

I guess that my issue (other than the frequent CTDs) is that I am spending all my time producing food and balancing population and not building castles. It's kind of like getting a job at a games developer and then finding out your working in accounts!
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I've never really thought about it that way. Very true!
Although I'm a massive fan of settlers so this doesn't really bother me.

Hopefully some others will add to this thread. And we can generate some kind of guide.
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Indeed, I'd say you have a good setup there. Since I am a Stronghold veteran, my setup would be similar to yours. I might vary it with less dairy and more meat (I always seem to have a surplus of wood, so the cost isn't too outrageous). The issue isn't inherently placement, however. Villagers eat too quickly and gather too slowly. It throws everything out of whack. Additionally, I find the most efficient castles stay around 20-30 population and get to work on constructing walls immediately. It's all well and dandy to start fielding an army right away. If you really wanted to, get a popularity bonus from ale or religion, and use that bonus to set high taxes. Then, use the taxes to simply buy large amounts of weapons, which you can field to troops over time. Far less infrastructure required.
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