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Awesome game is awesome!

About time we got BLC onto steam!
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How is the population of this game?
In the official forums they seem to be very happy about the release on steam.
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can't log in. can't even smoothly create an account. does it work for anyone else right now ?

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I got in right away. Can't say I enjoyed it though, just got my handed to me lol
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A majority of this games player base is on its EU servers. However with the steam release a lot more NA servers should start popping up. THis game is pretty good, unfortunately the second that i opened it up they were doing maintinence.
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Awesome game is spectacular.

Many EU players with a stable and good ISP queue on both US and EU to help the NA players.

I play a lot with a friend from the United States and we are able to get consistent games at hours that aren't exactly 100% optimal.

We find that joining together with someone increases the chance for a game by a lot.
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Population is fine but the community sucks.
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Have played this during the beta and after the release and I had some fun times. I think the game is somewhat limited in its dimensions, but it is not trying to recolutionize the gaming world, the devs have focused on making the game 100% pure PvP arena combat near to perfection, and this is exactly what you get.
Too bad it never really got popular, and I could see a lot of people having fun with this. I mean it never was empty but the playerbase was very small, especially in america... comparing it to similar games it just seemed very small and underground. The main problem was that there was almost no advertising for the game at all. The problem with the game is not its quality but simply the fact that people don't know about it.

I really hope the Steam release populates the game some more so it gets the attention it deserves.
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