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I wonder if could get a job as a game reviewer..

Hahaha, i just had to share this with you my fellow gamers;

So, i was a bit bored and decided to surf the web, random stuff and whatnot..

And then i thought to myself; hey, lets go read some game reviews on games i play on a regular basis, just for fun....

And man..i cant believe these guys actually get paid to write those reviews...
On one site, a review of Dungenons: the dark lord the reviewer wrote;

"You gain a bonus to your stats as your prestige value increases, up to a maximum of 400%" duuhh..has this guy even played the dark lord where the % has been increased from 400 to 900%?

Oh well, it might been a fair mistake, so i kinda let it slip and moved on to another review, at another game magazine;

"You place down pentagrams to spawn monsters to defend your dungenon but in general, monsters are way too weak to take out even a single hero" Uhhh..has this guy even tried to understand the game mechanics and read the game description? After all, the whole point with the monsters is to "feed" the heroes needs

I could provide dozens more examples, but post would be to long

Makes me wonder if a game magazine would hire me to do game reviews? Atleast i would play the games and not just grab some generic info from the web and slap in my review

There are tons more examples of stuff like this out there, not just for dungenons but alot of games, if you are bored some day, just google around and have a laugh

PS: These two examples are taken from both a good and bad review.
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