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Helpful Bugs you should note.

Heres my list of bugs that need to be fixed.

*When you destroy your city walls with the eraser, Unbuildable area is left with some Former outline of old castle wall. Doesn't disappear.

*Priest Walked across map to take some candles from other person storage and brought them to Owners Cathedral.

*Building placement next to woods needs to be smaller.

*Building Placement for houses next to one another should be smaller, but next to another type of building remain the same.

*Peasants need to be controllable to which place they will work.

*There needs to be an March mode, and run mode for your army units.

*Lobby needs to be added before you join a game.

*Food Production and Consumption needs to be remapped. To much consumption to how much production. Should be something like , 5 peasants get fed by 1 apple farm, but 10 peasants get fed by 1 baker. etc

*Joined a multiplayer game and no colors were showing, All black. When typed into chat box color showed for players.

*Multiplayer, When entering the multiplayer screen (click the button) the back button did not work at first. Had to join a game then exit to get it to work.

*On some odd occasions, i have been able to make two stockpiles and two granaries, defeating the purpose of the first stockpile and granary.

*Crash more likely to happen when game has been minimized, then restored to normal.

*Chat box, you can't type to long of a sentence or it won't show what you typed, or it will cut off what you have typed. (reccomendation: have a limit stopper on the chat box so you can't type anything else after you reached the limit.

*Popularity changes to fast. It should gradually change to what its max is. Such as for +15 popularity, takes a minute for the full effect to come in. -15 popularity takes 30 seconds to kick in.

Ill add more when i see it.

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