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Game Engine Failed to Initialize

Well, sadly I bought this game before doing my research on it. I wouldn't mind at least getting it to run for a few minutes, it was $50 after all. All I get upon starting the game is the titled error.

I have checked the integrity of the files. I have also ran the four programs suggested in one of the tech support forums. My video drivers are up to date. I'm currently running crossfired radeon 9850s.

Any help here would be appreciated.

It's quite sad, as the game I bought right before this was Fallout New Vegas, which I cannot run above medium graphics. A sham, as this system should have no problems maxing it out. I'd insert my dxdiag however it doesn't look like I could shrink it up, so I'll spare the scrolling unless someone needs it.

AFAIC, these last two games have been sham purchases. Hoorah.
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Sorry for the trouble you're having. Were looking into several issues with the "Failed to Initialize Engine" Error.

For now could you try this -

Go to -

C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\stronghold3\bin\confi g.xml
(Depends on if you installed steam in default location or have a x64 OS)

Open the file in notepad. At the end of the resolution part put "windowed=1"

So for example my one looks like this -
<resolution width=1024 height=768 windowed=1/>
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