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How do i make troops and defend against siege?

Just got this game. How do I raise my troops and have them fight off people sieging and taking my land? I'm confused on how to create and use my army.
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two ways to raise troops. first way, use the miliotary menu from the button on top. second way ios to click on province and hit the "raise levy" button.

given the nature of your post, you need to know that you should spend a LOT of time studying--and I mean studying--the array of buttons in this game. Otherwise, you'll pretty much go nowhere.
raising troops in one of the easiest functions of the game. it gets a lot worse/tougher.
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You can click on a province, and it'll have a button "Raise levy." (OR you can go to military menu and click "Raise all" and it'll mobilize all of your provinces with one click.) Don't forget to disband your levies, after the war is over.

You can also build standing armies, that are always ready to fight by building retinue in military menu.
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