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Mos Def
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Is a sneaky rogue character viable?

Im thinking about playing a Khajit rogue type, focusing on stealth and dagger attacks from stealth for big damage. Anyone playing like this and making it work? Did you focus on stealth perks or 1h first?

Thinking either that or a 2h orc beserker type guy, love this game so much so far even though i can only play it on a 800x500 size screen + all on low due to my 9800gt failing hard.
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You can do it. Imo it's easier to do it alongside a good archery level. Archery is actually really useful in this game. Also khajits can use their claws in unarmed attacks, which is pretty cool.
On a side note, nice resolution.
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800x500 resolution?.... man get GTX460 for 100$ and you will play it at max settings + 1920x1080p

9800GT suppose to handle higher resolution too so dunno what is wrong with yours

I didn't play khajit but i can tell you that stealth is much much better than oblivion and nearly overpowered if you use bows (can pick targets 1 by one, enemies don't autotarget you if you attack one lol, they only run to you if they actually see you)
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Earthworm James
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dude, with a 9800GT you should totally be able to play AT LEAST 1280*720 with a solid framerate. A friend of mine plays 1650*1080 high settings with a 9800GTX+. I don't know about your cpu, but your gpu isn't your problem, at all.
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Old 11-13-2011, 06:42 AM   #5
Mos Def
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Well i dont really like playing unless it's butter smooth at 60+ FPS, so lower it down so i can get what i like. Just cant do 40 FPS unfortunately, getting a 560 in 8 days for my birthday so it's not a big issue.

Im contenting my self with my favorite game ever, tf2, whilst i wait.

CPU = AMD Phenom x4 II 965 BE
RAM = 6 GB

Not a big fan of archery tbh, might go with the orc type machine in that case. Current playthrough is a destruction/1h dark elf mage type, just using him to get used to the controls till the main event happens.

Even on that resolution im finding that the game is epic and hugely immersive!
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Yah I'm doing a Breton, destruction magic + 1h, it's a nice combo. I have had to spend some training on restoration though, because I'm going through potions like water. And then I end up doing some Alteration because I wanted a magic shield, and conjuring because I like summoning the wolf familiar ... lol
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I tried being sneaky, but I had more luck with bows than daggers. There are just too few instances where you'll meet a SINGLE enemy in a room, with their back faced to you. Half the time they’re sitting at tables or there are multiple enemies patrolling the room. You’ll slow down the game to a crawl if you do it that way and fighting outside is just a no-go, they’ll see you coming a mile away. And all the bosses seem to have insane perception so they can sense you from across the room or they’re so prominently placed that they’ll notice you the moment you enter the room.

You’d need to have an impressive backup plan for the many cases you’re found out or just can’t attack unseen.
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It's completely viable. I love threads like this, there is nothing that isn't viable in this game or most games that offer something similar. The fact is, while you may be able to play that way 99.9% of the time, there is going to be events where it's not useful. As a few examples, it will be useless in a dragon attack or I know there is a part where you must get a word of power and some sick mage thing comes out of a coffin who will probably ice you rather easily. My advice would be to run away from him though.
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I play assassin with dual daggers...1 hit kill all the time, normal diff..got a mehrune's razor and superior elven dagger,complimented by Dark Brotherhood sneak attack dmg x2 gloves...so that makes damage x 30 sneak attacks. Best accomplishment is 1 hit killing blood dragon. Sneaky chars are OP....
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turn down shadows it will help you play on higher res like 1024 or 1280 x *

im a argonian assassin dual dagger dual sword bow and poisons i kill stuff fast with x 15 dagger backstabs
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If you're going for dagger stealth, then I'd recommend levelling your stealth skills first. You get 15x damage on sneak attacks further into the stealth tree, as well as reduced armour noise, and not setting off floor traps.
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I am playing a rogue type of character, I must say, having quite a hard time, but at the same time, playing on master difficulty, so I can't complain

I can't: take fights more than 1 on 1, fight dragons solo, fight bosses solo

when someone catches me in my sneak, I either need to run away and wait until they stop searching me or die.

the only way to play is to assassinate every guy in the dungeon 1 by 1 either with a bow or with a dagger (x15 damage perk is a must have)

but when you can pull it off it's really rewarding, so I do recommend playing as such
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