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Unhappy Game runs in slow motion [FIXED]

Ok, so I just got the parts for my new rig delivered just in time to run it through its paces with Saints Row 3. Unfortunately, the game runs at what pretty much appears to be half speed no matter what settings I select in the options menu. I've tested several other games and they look amazing, so I don't know what could be up with my config to cause this.

I would appreciate any suggestions.

system specs:
AMD FX 6100 six core processor 3.3ghz
16 gigs ram
dual GTX 560's in SLI config
Windows 7 home premium 64 bit

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People are having issues with those bulldozer/FX AMD processors and certain games this one included. Might be a starting point to look at.
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Well wonderful. I read that updating my bios might change things, and it did. Now when I start the game, I instantly get a blue screen and windows shuts down to protect itself.

If this goes like the other short list of games that refuse to play on this series of processors, it'll be a blame game and everyone will refuse to fix it. Guess I'm out another $200 if I want to be able to use my new computer. There are no expletives that could even begin to convey my feelings towards THQ right now.

Edit: oh great, and further digging is turning up that this only happens with Steam games. So it's Valve's fault. Something to do with their DRM.

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Hopefully it just requires a few patches and then will work flawlessly. They better not abandon Saints Row on PC this time...
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i used to run 2 video cards, and had to disable one in some games.

maybe try disabling one card?
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Tried dropping to one card, no dice. The fix appears to be a bios issue with bulldozer chips. One version of the microcode seems to be a tad incompatible with whatever the Steam DRM is doing, but at least with ASUS boards, there's apparently a beta bios floating around that lets you play just fine with an updated microcode version. Unfortunately I have a Gigabyte board, so I'm having no luck finding a similarly updated bios version.
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Well, that was it. Finally got Gigabyte to send me their experimental BIOS update (took 2 weeks of emails back and forth) and the game runs like a charm now. Anyone with a bulldozer series chip, harass your motherboard manufacturer for an update.
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Well I don't have an AMD Processor, I use an Intel Core2Duo with a Gigabyte MB and a GTX470 Card (win 7 x64) and 4GB of RAM - and I get the same issue. I tried dumbing down the settings. I am planning a major upgrade in a month or so (up to an i7 3.2GHz) so we'll see if that changes anything. I would be annoyed if its a Steam DRM issue.
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