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Exclamation How to remove the game?

Hi, I'm having troubles with the game. so I would like to really clean everything and then reinstall the game. Since I'm not used to the Steam platform, I ask how to do it. In other words, if the game was a usual game (installed by dvd) I would use an unininstaller (which looks in the register too), but being in Steam I'm a little bit confused. Going through the usual procedure, that is to say: library, delete local contents, delete the Nitro folder in mydocuments. I'm not sure that all is really cleaned. What happens if I uninstall the game through windows? My intention is to reinstall it from a new download. Please advise. Many thanks. P.S. Since the game is handled by Steam and the automatic update is on the game is at the highest patch/release
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you're doing it correctly in presuming library->delete local contents would do it.

You can verify that the directory is gone by navigating to your steam directory (usually C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common) and finding the folder that matches the title of the game directly.

Hope this helps you out, and good luck reinstalling the game with less errors
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