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Magicka update


last night the update went live, changelog below. Time to robe up!

/Paradox and the Arrowhead team

__________________________________________________ __

Changelog for Magicka Patch 2011-11-15

• Added saveable checkpoints. Checkpoints will now save your progress up to that point.
• Added a automatic-revive fairy for single player games.
• Added an option to revisit old chapters in a campaign.
• Improved server browser usability.
• Improved body collision detection and overall physics.
• Frame rate stuttering should be less noticeable for some users.
• Extended particle system with particle lights.
• Added bleed status effect, similar to the poison status effect it can be removed by healing.
• Added a stunned state and stun damage property, when a character is stunned they're unable to act for a character specific amount of time.
• Added gamepad rumble when a player character is revived.
• The seven day cruise achievement will now display its achievement progress.
• Level restart will now properly reset any active particle effects.
• Both confuse and fear particle effects will now properly stop when a character drowns.
• Fixed a gamepad issue in the campagin menu, where a user could reach invisible menu items.
• Improved etherealize network synchronization.
• The space robe's now use the correct portrait.
• Characters with grab abilities will now properly play a grab-intro animation.
• Increase life/arcane beam range.
• Fixed a bug in the loading screen where it sometimes wouldn't rendering properly.
• Fixed a bug in the credits, if a user had changed language in the same game session then the credit language wouldn't have been updated.
• Charm will now properly affect other enemy players.
• Collision between a projectile and a spell mine will now properly cause the mine to detonate.
• Pure water barriers no longer causes push damage, earth-water barriers still do though.
• Decreased Fear range from 10 to 5 units.
• Decreased aura and buff intensity and details to reduce the graphics clutter.
• Casting a lightning spell within an area shield will now properly target the closest target.
• Overkilled frozen characters will now properly explode.
• Overkilled frozen characters will now properly spawn frozen gibs.
• Fixed some minor colouring issue on the health bars.
• Marginally increased the health bar height on player characters.
• Damage numbers caused by status effects will now properly display for network clients.
• Fixed an issue which incorrectly set the players team in non-versus games.
• Fixed an issue where non local characters could get stuck in casting self animation.
• Beastmen will now properly crouch before jumping.
• Fixed user input control when feared or panicking.
• Fixed a small bug in the AI, enemies should now be much more responsive.
• Fixed arcane bolt when used by the rogue robes, it will now properly shoot the projectile like with other robes.
• Fixed Chapter 3 scene 2 (airship) animation bugs.
• Fixed Chapter 4 scene 3 (inn) fade to black bug.
• Fixed fear and panic inputs.
• Fixed gamepad inputs for character select menu.¨
• Changed the resolution of:
This resolves the "Texture Width/Height too large" error and renders the "http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1989214" fix obsolete.
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At the Aristocrats the event freezes, and I can't progress after... This only happened after the patch.
As well I'm still experiencing stuterring, and i'm only able to experience less stuterring when using Window Mode, but in WM I don't have v-sync for some reason.
I'm playing high at max resolution, have a AMD Phenom II x4 Black Eddition 955 at 3.2 gHz, 4 gig ram ddr3 kingstone and amd 6850 HD, I know it's not much but I should still have better performance.
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At Fafnir castle, when you meet the first wizard (wirh 4 or 5 soldiers), using nullify to deny his ground bombs doesn't work. The magic disappears from around his body, but the projectile is still fired.
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Originally Posted by Paradox__rep View Post
• Added saveable checkpoints. Checkpoints will now save your progress up to that point.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
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I know this has been posted before long ago and I've posted a thread, but there seems to be no simple fix and this patch hasn't resolved what is a major issue for me:

When I try to bind anything to right shift, it says "Left Shift" and in game, that action is, indeed, bound to left shift.

Lefties don't have a lot of buttons available to bind, so we need the right shift...

Please, is there any chance there's a workaround for this? Thanks!
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By the way, is "Banisher of Horrors" achievement fixed? It wasn't counting progress properly for lots of people, from what I've heard. If not, any atm on the matter?
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Banisher of Horrors achievement? Banisher of Horrors achievement? Banisher of Horrors achievement? Banisher of Horrors achievement? Banisher of Horrors achievement? Banisher of Horrors achievement?
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It should be fixed in the "soon to come" patch. ( x 6)
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