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Half-Life - Offline LAN game across different subnets

I just updated a couple of computers and installed Windows 7. My old setups had WinXP and Half-Life Platinum CD box set.

I was concerned that the CD version would have compatibility issues with Win7 so I registered my CD's and installed Steam.

What a freakin mistake and waste of time

First off, my updated computers are essentially new computers in the old cases with more than adequate components.

After downloading and installing the Steam version of Half-Life, it froze a couple of times during play and even during game creation. I could not close Half-Life nor could Task Manager kill the processes; I had to reboot. When the machines booted, Aero no longer worked and it could not be re-enabled because the checkbox was grayed out as if my systems could not handle it. The only way I could get Aero back was to uninstall/re-install the video drivers. This happened on two machines and each box has different components so the issue is not limited to any one component.

"Offline" mode is a misnomer. Steam still tries to connect to the Steam Servers no matter what mode you set.

The main reason for my post is to let anyone, who’s interested, know that the CD version installed and works flawlessly on Win7 x64. I uninstalled all of the Steam crap, cleaned the registry, installed and updated the CD version to No tricks or hacks were used and it runs flawlessly!

Now I can have users on multiple subnets play a LAN game without the Internet and all of the associated threats. All you have to do is create a LAN game (does not have to be a dedicated server) on one computer. Any user on the same subnet can simply select Multiplayer->Lan games and join the game. Any user on a different subnet joins it by selecting Multiplayer->Internet games. The only extra step is adding the local IP address of the host that is serving the game. Even though the user has to select Internet games, they are not actually going on the Internet.

I tried and tried but could not figure out a way to do this with the Steam version without having to connect to the Internet. I know a lot of people love Steam, but it’s not my “cup of tea”. No more Steam for me!
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