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Glitch, does anyone else experience this?

Ok it's not a mayor glitch, since I can work around it, but I want to know if anybody else experienced it or just me.

I got this game, and I beat "new game" which was damn easy though, so I tried endless mode, and I was happy to see I still had all my weapons and items from last game, but then I realized it doesn't make sense, 'cause I also had my characters, and they were standing around on the map screen at the same time.
When I finished my round, it got perpetually stuck in the boss dying animation (even though I had already beat the game).

I restarted the game and tried again, this time no problems, just start items like normal, played the game a bit on endless, got all 3 characters, died.
Tried again, this time, I started with all 3 characters, I thought, that might not be so bad, it might clear up when I actually unlock them on the map.
It did clear up, but I did have double the items, and extra healthbars without character or name or purpose for that matter.

Anyway, the glitch is repeatable, each and every time, somehow part of the memory doesn't get overwritten when starting a new game, and I need to restart the game for it to work again.

Is this common?
Is there a cache file that does not properly get erased, or a garbage disposal bug?
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Woah, just got this glitch right after reading this post for the first time. Only responding to let you know you're not the only one.
Glitched the same way for you when you first went into Endless Mode. I will repeat playing Endless a couple times to see if it does anything different, like it did for you.

Hopefully Vlambeer will fix this soon.
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