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Cossacks Back to War: multiplayer game speed problem


members of other Cossacks forums directed me here in hope that ManOwaR could give me a hand with the following problem (so, in fact, this thread is directed at him)...

I and my friends reinstalled Cossacks Back to War (NON-STEAM version!) on modern (multi-core) PCs and found out that the game is running so fast it is barely playable - but ONLY in MULTIPLAYER, even if we set on SLOW mode. We cannot slow it down because the speed slider is completely unresponsive (the speed is like it would be set to maximum all the time).

We are running the game on windows 7 64-bit but from the feedback on other forums I heard that this problems happens even on Win XP so it probably depends only on the speed of the CPU.

I've seen a few threads in this forum mentioning a similiar problem but neither discussed it in detail or give any solution.

The only workaround we figured out until now is to use a CPU loader (tools that artificially reduce/consume CPU time) on a single core and to set the game to run on the same core. However this method produces network and user-interface lag which is rather annoying.

Is this problem happening in the steam-version of the game too? I saw on this forum that ManOwaR posted they made an update with a lot of fixes (and that they'll make the speed slider more responsive). Are we talking about the steam version 1.36? Is it possible to apply the patch to the CD-version of the game? And in fact, is there a list of improvements made to the game with v1.36 in comparison to the v1.35 (CD-version)?

I am asking so many questions because I really like Cossacks and would be very happy if we could play it without problems even if we buy another copy on steam.

Thank you very much,

Tom & friends

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