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Dual Wield: attack speed bug?

Sometimes while i'm fighting with my two daggers, myattack speed slows to an absolute crawl. Upwards of a second or two will occur as i'm hitting the mouse buttons and my character won't swing: I have checked and I have full endurance.. there seems to be nothing causing this.

I have tested it outside combat and have managed to reproduce it: my characters attacks will sometimes just stop with large delays between swings.

Anyone know what causes this or how to prevent it?
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I THINK I read something about it being related to a shout... Elemental Fury maybe.

I have never experienced it myself, but there are lots of shouts I haven't used yet.
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It should be the shout Elemental Fury that causes this bug. When used, your weapon speed should increase drastically, but instead it only increases your off hand. When the duration is up, you're main hand will swing extremely slow. To fix it, just sheathe your weapons. This is a known bug and should be fixed in the next patch.

If that's not the case for your situation, then it's being caused by some other kind of weapon effect. Either way, it should be fixed by sheathing your weapons and taking them back out, and permanently in the next patch.
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