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Question upgrade residence problem anno 2070

this is the first anno game that i have played and i am stuck in the opening tutorial missions at the oil slick level. have got my island settled and working ok, ecos have turned up and given help. their boss has asked me to build lev 2 employee housing but i cant find it listed in any build menu. if it is an upgrade to an existing eco barracks how do i make it happen? most of the eco barracks are at 100% in all of their needs but no-one has upgraded automatically as has happened with the tycoon settlers. above the ecos dialogue box for each individual domicile there is a warning that smog is affecting them but i have replaced all power with turbines. is this stopping them from upgrading? sorry to sound a bit thick, but have not found help in manuals or online.
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Make sure their needs are 100% covered and that the tax slider is in the GREEN (supper happy). Also make sure you have enough houses.

One of them should eventually level up.

When the house levels up, there will be a new tab for Level 2 Employee's and what you can now build.

Also there are a lot of you tube videos out from other players, this one might help.


Hope you enjoy 2070, Anno games are so amazing!

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