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Cool The scoop on the Operation Flashpoint series

Dragon Rising: Great single player experience. The campaign is fun, I find it was a good warm up for the user created content. Mentionable missions worth noting: Island War, fighting across the entire island capturing all the points of interest along the way, I still haven't finished it, but I am close. Also Special Forces Guierilla Warfare and Squad Level Tactics make use of the best mission coding around and are really fun.

Red River: Excellent campaign if you can let go of DR open mission style and just let yourself be the grunt. I find it immersive enough. Te fire team engagements are good to, but since they are not dynamic, they become less replayible and seem to feel like standard missions. Haven't tried the dlc. I think they game is worth getting for the singleplayer and coop. RR is actually graphically gorgeous, impressive skyboxes and particle system.

In short codemasters / the fan base really built two wonderful games, while at first may take a bit to get used to because they are tactical (ie GRAW, old R6) and not COD.

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