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SkyrimLauncher install-loop

so I've played skyrim on steam since release without any problems whatsoever. yesterday when I launched the game I had a bluescreen, so I booted my pc back up. when I got on steam I tried to launch the game but the SkyrimLauncher says it wants to install. I click on install, the launcher disappears for a moment and then reappears. I click on it again and same thing happens. Up until the recent update, I was able to run the game fine by launching the game directly from TESV.exe . Now I can't launch the game at all because I can't get past the SkyrimLauncher.

I have verified the game cache, repaired/reinstalled steam, skyrim and other necessary programs, but no luck. I spent the entire evening yesterday, googling the problem and a few people had the same problem as me. They too would bypass the launcher by launching TESV.exe . I thought I'd put this on the forums to see if someone has got a solution for this.
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I have the same looping problem, but even launching it from the TESV file doesn't fix it. Just loops at the Launcher screen...

I deleted my local content from steam, once that was complete I deleted the folder and even the files from my \user\mydocument\mygames\skyrim\ folder (copied out my saves).. Redownloaded everything ... verified local cache.. No dice..

No mods, no tweaks, game was running fine, now nothing... What gives?!

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I'm having same issue and looking for a fix. Never had an issue before today, and I did nothing to my computer so I know it's either Bethestha or Steam's fault.
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There was an update. It's causing problems.

One thing that may help, verify game cache, and try to launch it either through Steam or through the exes in the file directory.
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Found it!

I found a person on the nexus forums with the same issue as us (verifying game files, reinstalling, etc, didnt work). 'everwatcher33' posted a reply and it worked for me:
-right click SkyrimLauncher.exe (not TESV.exe) and set that to run as administrator. Launch game as you would normally.
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Sry for my english
I had the same problem...i fixed it like this:
-deactivate UAC
-restart pc
-Verify skyrim file cache

i hope that this will help you
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