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Skyrim Save File location

As with plenty of others i can assume, Skyrim for the PC is giving me grief. At first it was being a and shutting down my PC should i use the Map and now it's crashing at will. Don't bother accusing my Hardware or Heat as I have tried many many so called "Fixes" to get it working without sudden crashes all to no avail.

Also i have tried "Verifying Game Cache" with steam. Twice in fact, and now I can't load my game at all. I'm stuck on a never-ending load screen... So now I feel like literally re-installing this via deleting it and re-DLing it. One thing i want though is my save file, As i really, really don't wanna start all over again..

I've not done much in terms of quests but I've gotten alot of loot via being a theif and would hate to re-start with nothing again. So if you could please tell me where the default save game file is located, i could try this last "fix" if you will, and see if I can't play skryim without having the game shut down, and reboot my PC without any warning/ reason.

Thank you for your time,
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Documents/my games/skyrim/saves
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Thank you eight billion!
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More specifically in Windows 7 the C:\Users\<username>\Documents\my games\skyrim\saves folder.

If you redirected the My Documents folder to a different location, as I have, Steam, (or Bethesda perhaps), ignores this & puts it on the C drive regardless of where your My Documents folder is stored. So when you go to Computer - Libraries - Documents - My Games, it isn't there.
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