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only the wizard left

hey guys, this is about trine 1:

when the knight and the thief die and i have only the wizard left, is there a effective way to kill skeletons?

killing stuff with thief and knight is pretty easy, even on very hard. casting stuff above their head with the wizard is very slow, skeletons are already here and hit me.

so i was wondering if there is something about the wizard which i havent found out.

or: how do u handle these situations? when zoya and pontius die and there are still enemies amadeus dies too. every time.

thx for helping me out
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You run!

If that's not feasible, you can try to get to a place where you can summon a box or plank (planks are faster/easier) without getting hit. There may be rocks or other objects nearby that could help as well, or environmental hazards (like spike balls) that the skeletons don't really avoid that well.

You can also use "the force"; keep right-click pressed down while pointing at a skeleton and you can push them back a tiny bit, which is useful on ledges etc. It's an undocumented feature.

But generally running away scared is the recommended choice.

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I believe planks still stun them? Summon plank, then ready a box as soon as it starts getting up.
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Jumping on top of them and squishing them to death is pretty fun :P
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I prefer killing them by PLANKING and BOXING. You know -- the two very popular things on the intrewabz. Just summon a plank high enough above them and let it crush them.
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Sometimes, with a good sense of a timing, you can spawn plank or a box at the same place where goblin appears and then both being throw away from each other and goblin usually dies ;3 Quite fun too.
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Just make sure to summon a plank/box (planks are so much better) above them when they are at a distance. Otherwise, they swing their swords at you and then break the conjured item and you take damage. So run and play defensively.

It's definitely possible to stay alive with the wizard and progress. If all else fails, retreat to a checkpoint to revive the others (or I guess dying works too but it's not as rewarding that way).
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