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Steam achieves with original retail Champions?

I've played Champions since it came out (off and on) and have a monthly sub still. When I saw that Champions went F2P on Steam, I thought it would be fun to go back and get the Steam Achieves. However, even when starting a new character with the downloaded Steam version of CO, I don't seem to get any achieves. Has anyone else experienced this? Keep in mind most of the achieves in the game I have already gotten, I haven't tried hard enough to go get new achieves to see if the equivalent Steam achieves unlock.

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The achievements should be tied to perks so you if you unlock the perk on a toon that doesn't have it then the achievement should unlock. If that's not happening something is wrong and it needs to be reported.
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Steam Achievements are never retroactive.
If you have all Perks on a character, you'll never earn Achievements while playing him because he won't be gaining any Perks.
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I believe if you create a new Champions Online account and earn those perks you can get the achievements, but they will not be applied retroactively.
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You don't have to create a new account, a new character will work just fine. However if you have no more character slots, a new account will be necessary if you don't want to reroll an existing character or buy a extra char slot.
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