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GTA IV + DLC = 32Gb?

I just bought the deal that give GTA IV and the DLC, now as far as I understand, both are separate game, so does that mean 32Gb of download? d: O Or if I download the GTA IV, then further smaller amount for the DLC? I only have 20Gb allowance a month so...

Sorry for my English and cheers in advance
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yeah its around 15gb per game...and if you only have 20gb limit, then install one game per month...it sucks to be limited
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Glad i live in USA i dont have download limt but crappy download speed lol
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Despite sharing a vast majority of their content, Rockstar decided it would be a good idea to make the main game and the expansions two SEPARATE games, each the same file size.

They could easily have made it all, say, 18 GB, but instead opted to go with 32.
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Yeah, stupid me downloaded the original GTA IV first, since it's usually just a couple of GB extra to download additional packs. What I really wanted to install was EFLS, so I'm still downloading (and this is slow...Downloading for 5 minutes, then Steam is "working" for 15 or so). Pretty stupid to download basically the same thing twice, especially when it's the biggest game out there in GB.
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