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Anno 2070 FAQs

General information

Ubisoft Anno 2070 homepage
Ubisoft Anno 2070 forums (English subforum)
Anno Fans forums
Anno 2070 wiki

Problems and solutions

Where do I find the manual
Method 1) On Steam
Method 2) After installation (Vista): Go to Games Explorer, right click and select Open Manual
Note: Both manuals are different

How do I speed up the game
Press '+' and hold.

How do I rotate buildings
Press ',' or '.' to rotate left or right.

How do I take ingame screenshots?
1) Press PrintScreen on your keyboard
2) Use the Steam overlay to take your screenshot

Where do I find screenshots?
Windows XP: C: \ Documents and Settings \ [Windows Username] \ My Documents \ Anno 2070 \ [Profile] \ screenshots
Windows Vista: C: \ Users \ [Windows username] \ Documents \ Anno 2070 \ [Profile] \ screenshots

Where do I find gamesaves
Windows XP: C: \ Documents and Settings \ [Windows Username] \ My Documents \ Anno 2070 \ [Profile] \ Savegames
Windows Vista: C: \ Users \ [Windows username] \ Documents \ Anno 2070 \ [Profile] \ Savegames

Where do I find a guide to how to play this game?
For Anno 1404, the game's campaign is the best game guide but for Anno 2070, you should still play through the campaign to get started, but you will most likely need to refer to other sources to continue...

Where do I find grids to maximize land space
You might want to see this wiki page...

How do I find out the number of buildings to support a population
See the wiki page with external tools like the Production Calculators.

How do I transfer goods / ship goods elsewhere?
You must have a ship and have it parked near to the island warehouse. There, you can either click on the warehouse and transfer the goods by clicking on the goods (transfers to nearest ship), or you can use the transfer goods button on the ship near the warehouse and transfer the goods there.

How do I expand to another island?
Similar to transferring goods onto a ship, you must transfer 3t wood and 2t building modules to a ship and move it to the island where you want to place your new settlement. There, a button on the ship's infobox will allow you to set up a new setttlement. In addition, you might want to stock up on more tools and wood to set up your new settlement (which will also be transferred automatically till the new warehouse's maximum capacity when you plant the new settlement).

My citizens will not advance!
1) You must satisfy all the necessarities of the cities before you can advance.
2) In addition, you must have citizens euphoric or happy (green on the tax bar).
3) There must be sufficient materials to advance (tools, building modules, etc). Look at the buildings with the upgrade arrow and row-over the small icon above the infobox to see the requirements.
5) Ascension rights must be released, or you can upgrade manually by going to your cit center and selecting the citizen class to upgrade (there will be a arrow to press to upgrade).
6) There is a limit to the amount of citizens at each level, you cannot have all citizens at the highest level.

What are licenses, and what are they used for
Licenses can be used to purchase items from NPCs, and to enable time-limited boosts under politics of your Ark. Licenses can be obtained via the following means...
1) Purchasing them directly via NPC players using credits (using the diplomatic menu, talk with your S.A.A.T. guy)
2) Finishing missions by NPCs (or request them yourself via the diplomatic menu again)
3) Performing basic research (requires you to have the Tech faction in-game, and access to the academy - slow to obtain licenses though)
4) Selling non trade goods to NPCs (i.e. ship upgrades, etc)

What type of items are present in the game?
1) Trade goods
2) Items that are for use with ships
3) Items that are for use with submarines
4) Items that are for use with your Ark
5) Items that are for use with your island's warehouse
6) Intermediate research items/components
7) Quest items

My resources/money are disappearing!
To be updated wrt to Anno 2070
Check the following...
1) Goods are not being sold via the warehouse.
2) Citizens are not upgrading to the next stage (deny ascension rights)
3) Trade ships (automatic trading routes) are not delivering your goods elsewhere
4) You might have some quests that is incomplete and your citizens are rioting

How do I look through the resources available on an island quickly?
When you are over an island, click on the area showing the types of plant that you can cultivate on an island. Then you can quickly look through the number of resource nodes on an island.

How do I figure out what types of special resources the island has? (ie. oil, coal, and iron ore)
When you are over the island, roll over your mouse cursor on the island and select the row over the list of fertilites available. For non-fertilities where you want to view the resource amount, you will need to expand the view by clicking on the ">>" button.

My question is not answered!
Take a look at the other forums (the official Ubisoft forum).

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Game Hints (Contains spoilers)
Remember to save often and at critical points, else you might need to redo the time consuming mission again and again!

Main Campaign

Chapter 1 - Shadows of the past
Mission 1, 2 and 3
- Quite straightforward... basically tutorial missions for Tycoons and Ecos factions.
Mission 4
- Still tutorial, but with some Tech elements...

Chapter 2 - C.O.R.E
Mission 1 and 2 (Develop Tech population and some missions)
- Quite straightforward... basically tutorial missions for Tech faction.
- Rotten fish can be "solved" with a quest where you research the antidote and use the item on the warehouse. However, rotten fish can also fetch quite a bit if you sell it to the scientist.
Mission 3 (Obtain evidence of F.A.T.H.E.R.'s actions)
- Still quite straightforward, except that you must clear areas by building up a fleet and secure some objectives.

Chapter 3 - In the eye of the storm
Mission 1 & 2 (Develop your bases and a fleet)
- Basically rebuild up your faction, and better do it well since the next few missions depend on these...
- You might still need to continually replace any destroyed freight ship due to the invincible Viper, or do manual runs to the islands to your North. Alternatively, you may want to buy a crew to board the invincible ship and bait the new invincible ship that F.A.T.H.E.R. send to a corner such that it will no longer bother you (as suggested on the German forums).
- To build up uranium mines for Thorn, you should demolish the existing non-uranium mines and build the uranium mines yourself. You can also save more money by removing the non-redundant structures too.
Mission 3 (Develop EMP)
- Cheat: You might want to build up and prepare your economy before starting on the research of the capacitors and such, as it will introduce disruptive flying drones that will spawn endlessly.
- Try to secure your trading route by having air defense flak the flying drones on your TECH island) after researching.
- To research the hydroelectric plant, you must have built the academy (level 3 population) and have sufficient licenses. One way to obtain such licenses is to do some basic research under the academy (those under the first heading and gives you how many licenses you will obtain after you do the research, others have suggested doing basic research and selling away the items to NPCs). Alternatively, leave out the hydro plant entirely and go with some other solution (i.e. two nuclear plants).
Mission 4 (Defeat F.A.T.H.E.R.)
- At the start you might encounter your island being polluted by the black tide, which reduces production of one of your production island significantly. To solve this, you will need to research the Effluent Pump at your lab, and load it onto your ship (not your submarine) and bring it to your island and invoke the item. Alternatively, you may try to repair the ship at the earliest opportunity and it will not spill oil.
- Then, you will need to obtain the EMP cannon, and you will need to create the objects in the lab (which will require prerequisites that involve leveling up your population).
- Try to complete the helper missions (ie. destroy the airport, retrieve the fiber optics) to make your life at the end easier.
- Note: For the fiber optics, you will need to bring Team Omega using your submarine (not your ship) to the point indicated and it should get you the cable.
- Note: If you are encountering problems defeating F.A.T.H.E.R. (ie. it does not die when you drained its HP), try killing him without speeding up the game (using the + button)
- Warning: Some units appear to be bugged and you cannot kill them off even with the EMP activated. In this case, you should separate the unit it is chasing and lead it off somewhere else.

World Event #1: Atomic Terror
Neo Skull Crisis... defeat the Neo Skulls and prevent them from launching missiles...

Mission 1 and 2
- Relatively ok... take some time to setup your base and keep bringing materials to the quest giver to obtain more ships.
- You can repeatedly do the missions in exchange for more ships, and you can even bring sufficient materials for a few ships at once.
Mission 3
- I had to turtle out and hide below a row of harbor defense turrets (around 6-8) and the AI will stay out of range of the turrets unless attacking the harbor defenses in groups. The rest of the game will be farming out the population until you have enough cash, resources and fleet capacity to build a fleet and slowly eat away at his defense, since most of the ships are still feebly weak against the towers.
- Some automated repair items and shield items might help a bit. The enemy NPC boats also do occasional drop cloaking items which you can use for your trade ship, or sell it to the Ark NPCs in exchange for cool gear.
- You might also want to secure the option to call for an axillary fleet through diplomacy talks and with cash.
- Note: I built a "secure" trading route between my island and the 2 island to the east, with repair docks and defense turrets such that my trading ships can reach the other end and secure refuge near the defense turrets.
- Note: You might shortly run out of resources and cash (due to low amount of starting resources), at this point it is most likely game over. If you have one or the other, you can try salvaging the operation by buying items to recover your resources at the NPC Arks.

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