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2 quick questions regarding team deathmatch and energy

Just picked this game up today, and I'm kicking myself for not giving this amazing little gem a try earlier. I've had a fantastic time just in the practice mode with the bots, but I have two quick questions that I wasn't able to find answers to:

1. In Team Deathmatch, is there a way to choose the teams? I'd like to try and put together a game of "bots vs. humans" with my friends, but it looks like the teams are chosen randomly.

2. How does the energy mechanic work when it comes to the minimum energy required to detonate? Does the minimum increase by one every time you self-detonate, and decrease by one every time you're killed? That's what it seems like to me, but I wanted to be sure.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Devs, if you're reading this, I just wanted to tell you what a fantastic, innovative game you've created here. I'm hoping to get a lot of playtime with this with my LAN buddies.
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1. There is a chat command to switch teams. If I remember correctly it's either /ts or /st.

2. Every time you kill yourself, the new minimum (for you only) is <points you had>+1. Every time you get killed, the minimum is decreased by 1. (2 is the minimum minimum)

Have fun! If you ever want to play, give me a shout. I might not always be available but most of the time I am www.steamcommunity.com/id/NeatNit
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