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Red face Crashes on Startup DURING Bethesda Logo

I just got the patch. It wasn't happening until I got it. I'm aware of the popular problem where it crashes as soon as one reaches the main menu and the problem is with the audio, but this crashes during the Bethesda Logo.

My specs:
-Windows 7
-i5 Intel dual-core 2.66 ghz
-Radeon HD 6550M
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I had that problem before these patches, but I manage to fix it
by changing the audio quality to 24-bit 44100Hz quality.

Tho they should have fixed that in this patch, if I'm not wrong.
Weird. Atleast give it a try, if you already haven't.
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For those crashing on start-up, I found a fix that worked for me stickied on the Bethesda Skyrim PC Tech Support forums:


I can't speak for any play-related issues, but the game now launches.

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I have the same problem, and my audio was already at 24-bit, 44100Hz from trying to fix the random crashes pre-patch. I do have a handful of small mods, and I suspect they might be contributing to the issue.

Being a moron, I forgot to save a clean copy of my Data folder (or use the TESNexus downloader) so I'm currently re-downloading a clean datafile and will try again with a vanilla copy. Hopefully that fixes it :|
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Same problem here.

Guess I have to reinstall the lot. *sigh*
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