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Some questions regarding BF3 service stars

Okay, I've heard that there are no bronze, silver and platinum stars like in BC2, right? So, everything is called a "service star"?

How many points do you get per star and do you get any bonus points for getting all 10 stars?

Also, what are those class service stars? What do I have to do to get them? Same as with the weapon stars - do I get any bonuses and how many points I get per star and for bonus, if I get some?

I see some lower level guys but with different rank emblem. Is there any kind of prestige system? If so, what do we get for prestiging and do we keep our unlocks after we start from the beginning?

That's for now I think, thank you.

Edit: Also, I saw a guy having 17 service stars on a weapon, what's the maximum amount of service stars a player can get?

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For each 100 kills with an individual gun - you get a service star (2000 points).

Each class/vehicle has unlocks that you can get as you gain more and more points, when you've unlocked them all you get a service star (10,000 points). At this point there are no more unlocks but getting ALL the points again gets you another service star.

As you get more and more points, you 'rank up' - it's fairly easy to get to the 40's, when you reach 50, the bracket between ranks increases and you are getting "rank 50 service stars" at 10,000 each.

Vehicles certainly have 100 possible service stars, weapons i don't recall seeing anyone over 9 but chances are there are higher ones!
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