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Unhappy Strange Store Behaviour

Hi guys,
I am a little perturbed and a little more concerned that, since the thing where Valve sent some messages saying, "don't worry but your personal data may have been stolen" the Store has been a bit strange.

Whenever I goto buy anything using the Steam GUI, Steam will crash and disconnect as I press the "continue" button from the list.
When I log back on, it makes a few weird beeping noises and then acts fine.

Just wondering if anyone other than me has experienced this, or if it's a bug (I've reinstalled Steam a few times and even on a new disc drive). Nothing I do seems to fix it.
I've got my card details saved, and check my accounts pretty much daily; not noticed anything untoward...

Bit odd tho, that it does this. Checking if it's a bug, a hack or what.
Pete Xx
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hey Pete, I can't help you, but you should try help and tips forum instead http://forums.steampowered.com/forum...splay.php?f=17 I hope youll find the answer for your problem
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Try logging in through the website and see if you can make a purchase that way. As for Steam I have no idea. I've never heard of it beeping before.
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