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Originally Posted by Taco Wiz View Post
That'd work. But you have to acknowledge that the players love Wheatley, and they want him to play a big part in the next Portal game. If your idea were to become a reality, Wheatley would have to be involved more. I think him being a comic relief who doesn't really contribute anything other than a break from the drama is the best way to use him. After all, your idea for Portal 3 goes into dangerously un-wacky territory.

Then again, this is all hypothetical. Let's throw in Gordon Freeman, and while we're at it, characters from games Valve doesn't even own.
Like, Kingdom Hearts travels to Valve worlds? Best. Idea. Ever.

Can we throw in Wonder Woman as well because she is awesome? And Pearl Forrester because she is simply the best villain ever?
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Continuing onward:

Chapter Four: The Present

Back the main section of the enrichment center, Cave announces himself and GLaDOS freaks out, saying things like "you really are a monster!" and "I should have known you'd try to kill me again!". Cave tries to calm her down and explain himself, but continually refers to GLaDOS as Caroline, which eventually causes her to snap. "I AM NOT CAROLINE! She died the day you forced me into this body."

Cave continues to try and explain himself, and says now they can get back to doing science. GLaDOS decides to accept Cave's offer and tells Chell she can go now. Cave however, says for her help in "saving science" Chell will get a present: a new android body. Of course Chell isn't to thrilled about this and tries to escape.

She gets away from the human-to-android-transfer room and begins making her way through Aperture's management section while being pursed by mantis men sent by Cave. Cave keeps trying to call her back, boasting about how much better life as an AI is, while GLaDOS seems a bit more reluctant (and Cave is still calling her Caroline, to her annoyance). It seems that the idea of being forced to become an AI hits a little too close to home for GLaDOS.

ATLAS and P-Body are sent to capture Chell, and she must outrun them in a sort of boss fight, however eventually she gets cornered by them. GLaDOS tries to talk Cave out of this and let Chell go ("She doesn't want this, Mr. Johnson!"). Cave then reveals his plan, he believes that brain uploading is the future of humanity and "as a man of science, I won't rest until all mankind has been uplifted!", in other words, GLaDOS was right. It seems that Cave really is planning to take over the surface with a robot army.

GLaDOS says that what Cave plans to do is wrong and that humans are needed for science to get done (based off what she learned from the Cooperative Testing Initiative), but Cave refuses to change his mind. He decides that GLaDOS is a "traitor to our robot brothers-in-arms" and does something which causes a good deal of screaming. An audio recording then announces "GLaDOS deleted" and ATLAS and P-Body knock Chell unconscious.

Chapter Five: The Product Testing Initiative

Chell wakes up in a new test chamber with Cave informing her that he's decided she won't be getting an android body, instead for "refusing his kindness" Chell will be put in his new Product Testing Initiative. He needs to train the turrets, mantis men, and some new creations (such as a revamped rocket sentry) for their eventual war on the surface. In other words he's putting the enemies through tests, with Chell taking the role of the obstacle. In the first chamber, energy pellets briefly return, and to solve the test, one has to hit the portal gun. When this happens in begins to act strangely, then speaks to Chell in a familiar voice.

GLaDOS had a feeling that "with your history of bad judgement you'd end up getting me killed, so I made a failsafe program to transfer me into your portal device in the event of my being murdered. Again. For the second time. At least its better than a potato..." Unfortunately she can't help you at the moment, and advises Chell to keep going until an opportunity presents itself. (If you chose the "refuse to go and get knocked out by the Escort Bot option", GLaDOS will make a remark about how Chell's been getting knocked out quite a lot these days.)

With each chamber you complete, Cave gets madder and madder at Chell. Clearly she's cheating, there's no way a mere human could stand against robotic perfection, right? After beating the fifth product testing chamber Cave gets so angry the room begins to shake, dislodging a panel and collapsing the elevator shaft. Cave tells you to wait a minute while he gets the lift working again, (GLaDOS: An opportunity has presented itself.) so of course Chell goes behind the newly opened panel.

Inside Chell finds none other than Wheatley, who is at first overjoyed to see her, but then becomes angry. He claims that "we're through!" and that he's "found new friends to go on madcap adventures with, ones who respect me for who am I am." Theses "new friends", are a companion cube, the oracle turret and the Fact Core. GLaDOS tells Wheatley "suit yourself." and they go to leave, only for Wheatley to backpedal and begs for Chell to "take him back". You accept the offer by grabbing Wheatley with the portal gun, but then must leave as Cave Johnson has gotten the lift fixed and its clear there's no help to be found here.

During the next test GLaDOS will comment on how Cave's clearly not capable of running the facility. He's so focused on getting the robot army made that he's neglecting smaller details, like the upkeep of the test chambers. Wheatley mentions how there's a malfunctioning panel showing an access module and if you put him in he can "hack the test chambers" to make them easier. Once Wheatley is plugged in he gets to work, and his attempts at making them easier end up making the test chambers worse.

With Wheatley's "hacking", the proceeding chambers will do things like suddenly develop bottomless pits, or coat all the portable surfaces with with gels. Whenever this happens he'll say something such as "Sorry!" or "Did that help?"

Chapter Six: The Hive

Cave has noticed Wheatley's "hacking", but concludes that its the work of "spies from Black Mesa!" He concludes, through some incredibly bizarre and insane logic, that the spies must be operating out of the mantis men's main nest. Chell is taken off product testing to exterminate the hive. Cave mourns how his "children" have betrayed him, but they must die for the sake of science.

Once out of the test chamber Wheatley arrives, overjoyed that he technically succeeded in getting them out of the test chamber. GLaDOS chews Wheatley out ("You are a moron! You're programmed to be, nothing can change that. Stop trying to be something else."). Dejected, Wheatley explains that he just wants to help and make things right after what happened when he was in charge. As this argument plays out you are making your way through Old Aperture to reach the nest. Finally Wheatley's management rail runs out. Instead of asking for Chell to carry him, as one would expect, GLaDOS' comments have taken their toll. Wheatley says "Maybe you're right. I am just a moron..." He then speeds off, back towards the main facility while trying to cry (which consists of him yelling "Boo Hoo!" and "Cry Noises!")

Chell continues descending and reaches the hive. Here are new feature is introduced: environment manipulation. Chell can for example, hit a valve with her portal gun to make it release extremely hot steam, then re-direct it with the portal gun at mantis men. Or you could find levers to activate spike plates, or re-position turrets to attack the mantis men instead.

Continuing through the hive, which is mostly just old test chambers and office areas that the mantis' have dismantled, Chell comes across the mantis queen. GLaDOS remarks how all this "spits in the face of both human and praying mantis biology". A boss fight insures, relying primarily on the new environmental manipulations.

Once the mantis queen is defeated, Cave congratulates Chell and to everyone's surprise announces that for stopping the "Black Mesa infiltrators" she can go free. A portal opens and Chell steps through, only to find herself in a strange pod-like object. A screen appears with Wheatley on it, glaring at Chell and GLaDOS.

"You were right, I am a moron. I can't do anything right, but Mr. Johnson told me that maybe it just means I'm not supposed to do right! Brilliant innit'? But... to sum things up, this really is the part where I kill you." Wheatley starts doing his maniacal laugh as the room begins to shake. It soon becomes apparent that Cave was telling the truth about going to the surface. GLaDOS realizes that "I know what this is. Its an Aperture Science Space Exploration Pod!"

To be continued...

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I just made the embarassing realization that I've been miscounting my chapters ever since Normalization.
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The final chapters!

Also I've decided to make a fanfic of this, if anyone wants to see it:

It also further explains what I think F-Stop might be, and introduces two other new gameplay elements: visibility and invisibility gels.


Chapter 7: The Betrayal

The Aperture Science Space Exploration Pod sends Chell to a small moon base which GLaDOS explains was used to collect moon rocks for conversion gel. She'd recently got it running again, having used up most of the pre-existing gel, but needed an AI to control it. That AI was none other than the Space Core, who's gone mad from being taken out of space.

Chell encounters Rick, who says he'll show her to an escape pod if she goes on "an adventure" with him first, which turns out to be getting the Space Core back in space before he destroys the moon base. You are first sent into some test chambers (there's no way Aperture wouldn't take advantage of doing tests IN SPACE!!!) with another new gameplay element: low and zero gravity chambers.

While doing these tests the Space Core will rant about how he needs to go back to space, and occasionally destroy things which will make the tests harder. Eventually he destroys a wall which allows you to exit the test track and enter the moon rock processing station. To reach the Space Core you will need to cross through a room filled with moon dust, which of course would kill Chell. Luckily however there is an Aperture Science Hazardous Environment Suit (yet another thing Black Mesa "stole" from them) which you can use to navigate the room.

Ultimately you reach the Space Core and engage in a short boss battle, which cumulates in Rick "sacrificing himself" to shoot the Space Core back into space. Rick of course is over-reacting and is fine, he also offhandedly mentions the Space Core's trajectory will cause him to eventually collide with the sun, but that's okay because "its how he'd have wanted to go out".

Rick is now put in charge of the moon base and uses his new power to activate an escape pod to send Chell back to the enrichment center.

Chapter 8: The Scratch

The escape pod has no landing gear ("Cave Johsnson here to say you're probably wondering why this escape pod doesn't have landing gear. Well, we were tight on our budget so it was either pay for landing gear on the escape pods or more moon rocks. I think I made the right choice.") thus the ship crashing into the enrichment center with much fanfare. The door is blasted off, so Chell is able to escape only to find yourself in a room with no portal-able surfaces and mashy spike plates on all the walls and ceiling.

Wheatley is there, gloating about how he will finally prove he's useful by killing you and GLaDOS. He then starts laughing and reveals that he is in fact a double agent, working to sabotage Cave by saying paradoxes over the loudspeakers (he sent you to space so GLaDOS wouldn't be affected). Even GLaDOS is impressed until Wheatley keeps talking and reveals that the "paradox" he used was "This statement is true!", in other words he's done nothing. Cave Johnson makes himself known, reminding Wheatley that he can hear everything in the facility and says that he'll have to kill him.

Cave begins to overload Wheatley's sensors with testing euphoria ("I heard you had a bit of itch earlier, let me scratch it for you!") until he overheats and dies. Cave gloats at his victory, since there's still no way for you to escape. However Wheatley sputters back to life and correctly states "This statement is false!" which temporarily knocks Cave offline. After that, Wheatley is too severely damaged and falls from his rail, shattering into pieces on the floor. GLaDOS mentions that surprisingly, Wheatley's death didn't make her anywhere near as happy as she thought it would and concludes it must be because she wasn't the one to kill him.

A paradox that simple will only keep Cave offline for a few minutes, just enough time to escape the death trap room trough a hole opened up by Wheatley's death. Navigating through the walkways and offices in Aperture Chell reaches GLaDOS' chassis and downloads her back into it. Now GLaDOS should simply be able to delete Cave while he's offline but Cave reboots and explains he can't be deleted. He's modified himself while Chell was in space so that he's no longer connected to any one point the enrichment center, his consciousness permeates every inch of it.

Cave, now at his least sane, declares he'll kill Chell even if he has to destroy the entire enrichment center to do so. You have to run from Cave's death traps (similar to The Part Where He Kills You) until he becomes "tired". Apparently he can't handle being everything at once, so he focuses himself in the power generator room. This gives GLaDOS an idea on how to defeat Cave once and for all.

Before Cave's re-activation, GLaDOS had been working on a new "energy containment cube", which could siphon energy from sections of the facility into it for easy transfer in testing. Only one containment cube was built, and its in the cooperative testing initiative chambers. Chell is sent in to retrieve the cube while Cave, still recuperating, sends ATLAS and P-Body to stop her.

While making your way through the chambers and dodging the co-op bots, GLaDOS will explain that Cave must die, he can't be reasoned with or forgiven or shot into space, and to prove her point she plays a sound file of Caroline being uploaded. After playing the file, GLaDOS remains silent for the rest of the chapter.

Chell reaches the containment cube only for ATLAS and P-Body to arrive at the same time. A boss fight ensues which uses the moving enemy mechanics for the bots and environmental manipulation. The bots appear to gain the upper hand when GLaDOS returns and manages to convince them to side with her and Chell again. They give you the containment cube, then Cave destroys them for their treachery.

Chapter 9: The Grand Finale

With the cube obtained, Chell must race to generator room as the facility falls apart with Cave becoming more and more mentally unstable. Panels are malfunctioning, turrets will shoot out of the walls, a few surviving mantis men attack at random, absolute chaos. There are several obstacles to get through, including a river of all the five gels which has a mixture of their properties, and the Animal King turret.

Once you reach the generator room, the final boss battle begins. Cave has protected himself by using the generators to make a shield, preventing Chell from using the containment cube. First, GLaDOS tells you to remove the energy cores from each generator in hopes that it will destabilize the shield, while at the same time Cave sends moving turrets (replacing the now extinct mantis men) and activates some old rocket sentries. F-Stop is needed to get rid of the energy cores.

Once the three cores are removed, it destroys the gravity in the room but not Cave's shield. Something will have to be placed in each generator to fully destabilize them. GLaDOS remembers Wheatley's "new friends" and send them, the Fact Core, Oracle Turret and Companion Cube, for Chell to shove into the generators. You must find a way to reach them in zero-gravity while the room begins to fall apart, allowing some environmental manipulation effects to deal with the moving turrets. After the Fact Core and Oracle Turret are put in, Cave floods the room with neurotoxin immediately instead of warming it up for a few minutes.

This reduces the neurotoxin's effectiveness and instead of killing Chell, causes her to hallucinate that the Companion Cube is talking to her (it does threaten to stab you). Once the Companion Cube is put in the generator the power fails and Cave is vulnerable. You must plug the containment cube into a now exposed wall socket and it sucks Cave in, Chell then collapses from exhaustion.

Unable to move, you watch as GLaDOS uses a robotic claw to pick up cube-Cave and drop him into an incinerator ("Aperture Science Regretfully informs you that this emergency intelligence incinerator is exactly 4001 degrees Kelvin.") Cave begs for you do to do something, saying "Chell, you can't let her do this! I'm-" but GLaDOS cuts him off with an ironic reprise of "Goodbye, Mr. Johnson" and drops him into the incinerator.

Epilogue: The Surprise

GLaDOS congratulates Chell (using real confetti this time) and mentions that Chell probably expects to leave now, but GLaDOS can't do that. First, she has a surprise for Chell. You are lowered down into a chamber full of strange pods in a cutscene. The pod in front of you opens and a strange man comes steps out. The man turns out to be Wheatley, when he died a save file of him was automatically generated and GLaDOS downloaded it into an brain dead human body.

GLaDOS tell Chell she'll let her go for good, on the condition she takes Wheatley with her and ensures that "he never comes back" and doesn't mind if she accomplishes that by killing him. Chell responds for the first time, simply agreeing "Yes." to everyone's shock. A lift to the surface arrives and GLaDOS says "I'm also filling this chamber with deadly neurotoxin. You have sixty seconds before it reaches fatal levels, good luck."

Inside the elevator is a small computer screen where the credits play, along with another song from GLaDOS. This one is rather somber, and reflects on how this is truly "the end" and that she will never see Chell again.

A post credit scene shows Doug Rattmann waking up from his stasis pod and wondering what's going on, and more importantly where is his companion cube? (Implying that it was the one you used to stop Cave with).

The Co-op campaign would be a prequel, about how ATLAS and P-Body found and activated Cave Johnson.

I hope those reading this liked my idea.
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I had an idea the other day...
You wake up on the Aperture Science Moon Station with your faithful best friend, Companion Cube. You slip on a space suit, and wander outside onto the surface. You walk around for a while, when you suddenly hear screaming. You look up just in time to see something hurtling towards you. You duck and cover as the object impacts with the lunar surface. You wander over... and its Wheatley. Companion Cube advises you to leave Wheatley in the dust, but you bring him inside with you... and after that, not sure.

(In case you couldn't tell from the talking companion cube, you're playing as Rattman. Maybe part of the game is you take medication regularly, until you run out?)
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I do have an another idea. There should these Unstationary Scaffolds like in the original Portal. Except this time some of them ends on a wall. Simply put a portal and the Scaffold can continue in it's path. A more advanced version of this has multiple relays along the way.
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I don't think the Unstationary Scaffold would fit through a portal...
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Originally Posted by WonderfulLizard View Post
I don't think the Unstationary Scaffold would fit through a portal...
These would be a lot smaller as a result. Also, when you cut off the portals, the Scaffold will stay floating instead of falling to the floor. The Scaffold will resume on it's course when you reconnect the portals.
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Wow....you thought this out
I know your seen are mod and i will ask in a pm a quick question if you don't mind
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You should work with valve for P3..
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Great Ideas, WonderfulLizard and InsaneGuyOfDoom. You two should go to VALVe with these ideas!

And don't worry, Portal 3 will defiantly not come until after HF3, and since that will be a long while from now, you have plenty of time...

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