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Change your race and sex without all the glitches (instructions)

So, after driving myself mad I finally found out how to change your race without all that skill issues and the magic level up. I'm not too good at instructions but I'll give it a shot.

MAKE A SAVE FIRST please for the love of the nine* make a save

*or Eight and one

1. open up the console with the ~ (tilde) key and then type : setrace (desired race; orc, redgaurd, argonian etc.)

now your toon is going to be looking a bit funny but heres how to fix it.

2. go back to console and hit the ~ again and now type showracemenu

3. once in menu don't touch anything yet. first thing your going to want to do is simply move up a race and right back down before the you change to said race above/below you. this causes your characters face to reset to defaults.

4.EXIT showracemenu by hitting R and typing in whatever you want. this saves it, then press TAB to see if you got the magical level up. if you did, sorry you need to reload back to previous save. if alls well move to step 5.

5. now one last time type in showracemenu and now change anything within YOUR CURRENT RACE that you'd like(sex, presets etc.)

Please Note that changing your race in the showracemenu will cause you to glitch out and phantom leveling you.

Hope this helps guys drove me insane figuring it out.

Last edit: This does indeed fix the invisible nord glitch

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Originally Posted by lunar_silence View Post
MAKE A SAVE FIRST please for the love of the nine make a save

Anyways, useful information. Rep-ed
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Aha! You knew he was a Stormcloak sympathizer, because of the "Nine" reference. Very good.
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