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Steam account suspended: 100s of games and $$$ lost?

Valve has decided to suspend my Steam account out of the blue. I have 100s of games tied to STEAM, Never cheated, never stole anything, paid for ALL my games, never done anything remotely crazy to get myself in trouble, the only gray area purchases I've ever made were purchasing a 4 keys from Ebay/Users on other forums over the past month.

SO this is what happens when you put all your eggs in one basket and trust one service? Now I cannot access any of the games I've paid for with my hard earned money. How long do I wait for a response? Why isn't there any live chat or phone number?
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Contact support as they are the only ones who can tell you why your account was suspended.
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Humma Kavula
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If you filled a support ticket already, your only option is to wait for a response, unfortunately.
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Around 12 - 36 hrs for a response.

I love how you say you have never done anything bad, and then end it with "...but I bought 4 keys off ebay.", trying to play it off like nothing is wrong with that.
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Your asking for trouble activating CD Keys that aren't from an authorised reseller. Ever wonder why this forum censors the links?
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Silicon Vampire
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Only support can help you.

And you should not be purchasing keys from unauthorised resellers.

From the support FAQ pages:

The Suspended Steam Account FAQ discusses possible reasons for the account being suspended.

The forums can not help with account issues, the following is taken from the Sticky thread it was hoped you would read before posting:

Sticky: Please Do NOT post account-specific problems

Since the Forums are not moderated by Valve Employess on a full-time basis, it is impossible for the moderators to help with these requests. We will be moving account questions out of the forums. I hope everyone understands that the reason for this is to help resolve account issues as quickly as possible.
Contacting Steam Billing and Support

Forum, support and Steam accounts are entirely seperate for security reasons.

The response time varies according to the number of open support tickets submitted before yours and the quality of information in your ticket.

If you have more to add, add to the open ticket rather than submitting a new one as that only slows the process but it does NOT put you back to the end on the line as some people suggest.

Nothing to see here
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I never knew it could be banned for activating keys. Almost all my DVDs come with keys on the back and I just input that
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Silicon Vampire
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You are not suspended or banned for activating legitimate keys...

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Unfortunately, there is nothing preventing someone from selling you stolen cd keys on eBay. Even if they are legitamite, there is nothing stopping them from reclaiming those keys after they sell them if they keep the proof of purchase. Never purchase a cd key without receiving the proof of purchase. If Steam support asks you for the proof of purchase for those games and you don't have it, you are screwed.
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******UPDATE on the situation******

A staff member has replied to your question:

Thank you for contacting Steam Support.

The purchase of Company of Heroes Complete Pack with MasterCard ending in -XXXX has been disputed. Your account has been locked due to the payment dispute.

To unlock your account, you will need to contact your bank and have the bank withdraw the chargeback, cancel the dispute and return the funds to Steam for this purchase.

As soon as the chargeback dispute is settled your account, and the disputed game, will automatically be reactivated.

If your bank is unable to withdraw the chargeback, we will need them to fax an affidavit that clearly states that they are unable to withdraw the chargeback and more importantly that the chargeback was not due to the credit card being used fraudulently.

Please have them fax it to 425-952-2788 Attn: Fraud Department.

Make sure that your bank has included the phone number for their dispute department so that we can verify the statement with them. Please reference this ticket number, on your cover letter.

As soon as we can confirm this information with your bank, we will review the situation so we can make an exception and reactivate the account even though the chargeback is still pending.

We understand that this is an inconvenience, but we hope that you understand the logic of our actions. We appreciate your patience with this issue.
This wasn't even related to any questionable purchases I made recently. My bank issued a chargeback a few days ago regarding a few unauthorized purchases that had happened on my card a few months ago and for some reason they included this game transaction on it because it happened the same day, which was a LEGIT Steam purchase and authorized by me.

========= Please enter your reply ABOVE this line =========


A staff member has replied to your question:

I have checked in our system and through our bank and we have not received funds back from your bank as of yet. The process can take some time while the banks involved complete the necessary steps on their end and your bank may still be in the process of withdrawing the chargeback.
So it seems they have temporarily restored my account access, I just don't have the Company of Heroes pack in my library right now, which is understandable and fine with me until the bank does their part on my end. I will follow up with my bank in the morning to confirm that they have rescinded the errant chargeback.

I'm satisfied for now, they did the right thing on their end and I'm satisfied with the time frame of their actions. Once I can confirm that my bank has done their part, I will inquire about getting my Company of Heroes back.
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Closing thread because issue was resolved and account questions should be directed to support anyway.

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