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RTS is optional

OK, I just finished playing this game, using both the characters (the knight and the Ferd). I had heard that it was a lot like Dragonshard, in that it combined both RPG and RTS, and that made me a bit wary, because honestly I'm not really into RTS games. BUT, since I got it for a really good price, I thought I'd give it a try.
There are a few missions where creating an army would be helpful, as well as a couple of missions where you need to keep certain characters alive, and again having a small army would make it easier - However, I never did that. In none of the missions did I bother building any kind of buildings, or making any kind of army. I let my main character do all the work, and I was able to finish both sections of the game without a problem.

So, if you are thinking about this game, but are wary of the RTS part, it is possible to play it and not bother with the RTS. Hopefully this will help anybody considering this game.
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