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Unhappy Hangs when using wrench in Marsh refinery

The game has been fine up to this point but when I use the wrench to open the gas valves in the Marsh refinery gold vaults the game bugs out. It goes into the cinematic, with the black bars and scratchy film effect, shows the valve turning with the wrench but it never comes out of the cinematic at the end.

The game is frozen in the last frame of the cinematic and I can't move. I can actually open the menu and faff about with the key bindings which free up movement but the cinematic effect is still there and game doesn’t respond to anything such as turning another valve.

My version is the STEAM version. I’m running Windows7 64 bit.

I’ve played with these unofficial patches but to no avail.

Any ideas?

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Have you got a save game just before this point you could send me?
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