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Anno 2070 - Cant change serial


I bought this for my son, he has been playing this on my pc. But i decided to buy this for myself but it wont ask for a serial.

So how do i get it to ask for a serial, im using a different login account for ubi. But it wont ask for a serial and im sure its using my sons serial, and i cant find any exe in anno that will ask for a serial

Its using my sons serial, and wont ask for new serial
The activation key is already been used by another user
Still have not found a way to add my serial

Any help will really be appreciated

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I don't think Ubi considered the posibility that two accounts and two keys may be used on one PC.

The key itself is stored on the drive where your OS is installed in the folder 'c:\programdata\solidshield'.

If you either rename or backup and delete the folder it will show you the dialog for entering a new key once more.

However, doing this might cause a different problem, as the game then might not find the authentication key for your sons version, since you renamed/delete the folder with the old key.

I don't know if adding in the old keys from the folders created by the normal activation process will work if you put them in the new one.

Still, I hope that this might give you an idea on how to hopefully resolve this problem. Oh, and I'd advise to go down the renaming route, like adding '.bak' at the end of the foldername, which is what I do in such cases.

You also might want to report back if you can get both activation keys to coexist.
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Thank you a million mate, absolutely legendary

I went thought deleteing anything that was UBI and DRM related in
C:\Users\All Users
C:\Program Files\Common Files
C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files
And went though the registry too, all the above failed to make it ask for a serial. I also re-downloaded it in case each serial was tied to each game with no luck. Manually deleted out steam and Anno then repaired steam again no luck

Works and Fixed
I did as you suggest and it works, game is now activated and plays. Renamed the folder
"C:\ProgramData\Solidshield Old"

I renamed the folder but noticed the license file is named the exact same name as the new one. This was done with the new downloaded Anno 2070, so wont ever know if each download is tied to each serial or not(incase any one else gets the same problem)

So only one account per pc will work, but at least i can have my game working on my pc. Only thing is i did it all on a new ubi account i made to test, shame i did not remember to stick it back to my default account

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