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Arrow Tips and pointers

Hey guys if any of you need help or stuck on a quest, have an item that your not sure where or who it goes to. Then add me ryoko1832, and I would be happy to answer any questions. I have spent over 160 hours playing this game and for the most part know most of all the tricks =^.^=
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Thats very nice of you, and you weren't kidding about 130 hours. Damn. Whats better, 1h or 2h and what skills should I use?
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thanks ryoko1832, maybe you can help me? I think I may have a bug issue. Have 8 airship parts, nine is not where it is marked on the maps, across from Bellegar's Mysterious Cave. Got the one on the same side, but on the other side, where you find Jimmy Bolton, I cannot find the part that should be there. It is NOT in the other large nest with dead bodies around it on that side and I only see one smaller nest, also empty beneath that. Any tips?? This is driving me crazy as I have already played through to the end, but am now playing on Steam, if that helps. Anyone???
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ryoko1832 I need info dear friend
I am a little confused with a walkthrough I am using it seems to say that before actually going in to defeat laikin you are supposed to go and finish any and all quests in the game including the ones for Orobus Fjords For when you finnish laikin in his lair you are thrown into the end game dungeon with no way out and this has happened to me so the second time I am playing this game
Am I following the game the way I should by turning my eye towards Fjords before I put an end to Laiken I am a little confused about this whole thing Thank you for your time
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