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QTE Problems

I have been having non-stop problems with the controls since Level 6 (the start of the Salvation levels). Levels 1 through 5 play fine. I downloaded a save that unlocked all the levels since my forum account hadn't activated yet so I can advance in the game, but the problems continue regardless.

Please note that I've tried restarting levels, reloading saves, exiting the game, verifying the files, etc, and nothing has helped in the slightest.

1. The very first door you have to force grip open in Level 6 refuses to open, hence I can't move on. Arrows and mouse do nothing. I've tried changing the controls, and same result. The door makes a creaking sound like it's moving, but nothing happens for minutes at a time.

2. In the Return to Kamino level, I can destroy the turrets and kill the enemies in the very first part after the sky dive portion, but the QTE where you have to open the door/lift the debris yields no result that lets me proceed.

3. In the Vader fight, when you have to lower the first platform using grip to advance through the first part after you fight Vader and the clones, the platform won't come down.

For the most part, in all QTE's I either see a red X signifying I failed like in the Return to Kamino part, or the QTE just never ends as in the above door from level 6.

Can anyone please help me out? Am I doing something wrong? Am I missing a patch or something? Do you need to play this game with a controller (I don't currently own one)? Is the game really
this broken?

Much thanks for any help.
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