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The game is blurry, makes me dizzy

The lower part of the game where the little guy is running is very blurry. It hurts my eyes while playing. The background looks pristine but the pixelated parts (the running character, the obstacles, gold blocks, pretty much the game part of it) is blurry and hurts my eyes.

I checked options to see if I can do something about it but there isn't much there. It's because of how fast the game moves plus the pixelation that's hurting my eyes, I think.

I'm running at 1280x720 resolution. Is anyone else having this issue? I doubt there's much I can do about it but I'm curious if I'm alone in this.

I originally played this game on Wii and didn't have this problem.
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Gordon Nukem
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This game can be hard on the eyes, because, as you said, how fast the game moves. And not to mention the background doesn't contrast as well as it should.

The are some slight graphical differences between Wii and PC version, but I'm not sure if it would make that much of a difference.

Could you take a screenshot of your game in action? Also, are you playing fullscreen, and is that your native resolution? If fullscreen, I recommend setting it at native resolution (also proper refresh rate), and sitting far back so you can see better. But I personally recommend playing it windowed so you can just see more of the game without having to move back from your computer.
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I took a few screenshots but when I take the shot the game pauses so it looks crystal clear, so that's no help. My native resolution is 1600x900 and I tried that and it looked just as bad. I tried at the lowest resolution and it was a bit clearer but still blurry and not something I'd want to put up with.

Thanks for your reply.
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not alone, this hurts my eyes too
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same here. it refreshes too slow or something. i have to sit WAY back and try not to heave my guts. but i want more!

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Gordon Nukem
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Originally Posted by rta View Post
it refreshes too slow or something.
That's entirely possible. Are you playing fullscreen? If so, make sure the refresh rate is the same as your monitor (generally 60 Hz). If that doesn't help (or if it was already the proper refresh rate), try playing with V-sync off and see if that does anything.
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What's the refresh rate of your monitor's subpixels (black to black)? My thought is that you're all describing a hardware problem that is out of the control of the developers.

A million bucks says if you play this game on a decent LCD monitor or any CRT monitor this problem would disappear.
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Sounds like you have an old or cheap monitor with a high response time. What you are describing is 'ghosting' caused by the pixels in your screen not changing fast enough to keep up with the picture. All LCDs have this to some degree but modern / good quality ones have such a low response time (2ms) it's barely noticeable.
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It's not the screen. BIT.TRIP Beat and Runner both give me this; after 5 minutes, my head hurts and my eyes are tearing up. They are simply unplayable.
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for it to be the monitor, you could take a screenshot & smoothly slide it across the screen (with aero enabled) to test

but this thread sounds almost like the one i just linked, where the person said different monitor didnt change anything & the weird part

at first things seemed smooth, they quickly turned blurry / stuttery as well

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It is NOT a game issue, it is a monitor response time issue.

I'm very interested in this, because I have a screen that supposedly can achieve a 2ms response time, but its OverDrive feature is broken, so that I have a very low response time (~10ms). It is a Iiyama B2475HDS screen, and most of these are broken, so don't buy one until Iiyama fixes the issue.

If my OverDrive feature was working properly, I would be able to test wether the blur changes if the OverDrive is enabled or disabled. The best thing to do is to try the game on a CRT monitor or a 120Hz LCD monitor and check wether it is blurry there (it shouldn't, of course, since those have very good response times).

If nobody has a CRT monitor or a 120Hz LCD monitor, does someone have a similar feature that changes the reactivity of your 60Hz LCD monitor? Or even different monitors, one with a good and one with a bad response time? Can you try the game with different monitors or response times?

Screenshot won't help since it is a monitor issue but the screenshot is taken from the video card signal, and this signal is not blurry at all, it is how it should be on the screen as well, if the monitor had a good response time, so the screenshot will never be blurry.
To test with different monitors, you have to check with your eyes while the game is running. Any change should be easily noticeable.

The blurry objects are the one moving fast, so don't check with objects from the background or with the character, check with the obstacles, these should be the most blurry ones if your monitor has a bad response time. Or check with the gold you're supposed to collect for instance.

If you want to try out your monitor and its response time, you can use some application like PixPerAn (avialable here). With PixPerAn, you have to use the Streaky Pictures feature (F6), it will display a car moving on the screen, from right to left. Follow the car with your eyes, if it is blurry, then your screen has most likely a bad response time. If the car isn't blurry, if it is sharp, you have a screen with a very good response time.
The difference with the car is very obvious on good and bad screens, it's not hard to spot whether it is blurry or not.
And as before, screenshots won't help, you have to look with your eyes on the monitor, you should see it easily.

I'm pretty sure anyone who has a fuzzy or blurry car in PixPerAn will also have the blur issue in BIT.TRIP RUNNER. And inversely, people that have monitors with good response times and who sees the car clearly without blur won't have the blur issue in the game.

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