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Half price in Xmas Sales!

It's not a featured item but run a search and you'll find IGNITE for £6.50. or the equivalent in your currency. There's always a small chance it will be further reduced if it features on the main store page. I got burned in the Autumn sale when I bought the Serious Sam 1 & 2 pack for what seemed a very decent £6 only to see it drop to £2.30 the following day. I still got a bargain but my pleasure was slightly spoilt.

But yeah, IGNITE for £6.49. I can't resist that!
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Indeed, get it while its hot!
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Thumbs down MM

Half price ? You can finish the game in 4 hours, unlock all the cars in 4 hours and reach safely in these 4 hours all the medals of bronze or even silver medals. The game is fun, less fun when you spend two hours, begins to become repetitive. My advice is to wait for developers to modify the intelligence of the opponents, or wait for a price drop. 7.49€ is too much for a 3-4 hour game... Wait for another price drop, maybe 70%
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