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Butcherblock F2P

Hey I played EQ2 quite a long time ago, the game has changed a bit since i last played, but some things are still the same or similar. So with this new Steam offering I started a new SOE EQ2 account with all new characters. I really enjoy leveling up the new toons from scratch versus rushing to the endgame (which would probably require a subscription to really be enjoyed anyways).

I spent a few bucks with the triple StationCash offering and upgraded the account to silver access; which requires only a one--time payment of $5USD. Purchased a few of the 44 slot bags to circumvent the 4-bag limitation on inventory; and I also bought a race unlock for Dark Elf.

My toons started in Neriak on the Evil side, moved one to Freeport but the city and commonlands look pretty empty.

If you're interested in starting an F2P guild on Butcherblock, look for my characters - Mehthusula or Bromundo.
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