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Rex McPwn
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5 star runs [video thread]


[5 stars] - Windmills Need Power Too, You Know

[5 stars] - Gravity is Still a Thing on the Surface of the Sun
[5 stars] - There's Electricity on That Thar Moon
[5 stars] - I Don't Know a Cave from a Hole in the Ground
[5 stars] - An Extreme Jump for BASE Jumping Experts [Don't Say We Didn't Warn You]

I am currently working my way through 5 star runs on all of the awesome levels. I thought I might as well make videos as I went so that anyone trying to get a particular level has some help!

There are certainly some tricky levels on awesome in terms of 5 stars and currently nobody has 5 stars on all of them!

I've got 5 videos right now but will endevour to add all of them for you. Subscribe to see when a new one comes up

(I'm BM | Sarah Walker in game)

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Dejobaan Games, LLC
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Rex is awesome.
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Thanks for these videos. Hopefully they'll help me change some 4 stars into 5's. Although I'm sure there's a difference between knowing the route, and pulling it off. You make it look really easy. Honestly half the time I'm just trying to not die
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We'll need 5 star runs of the original levels too since they're different now due to the fact that you fall faster.
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