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comp/brand names for pc parts, help

when building your own computer you are given may brands and parts to pick from but if you never buyed any thing from that comp./brand you ask your self is this comp./brand product good or reliable.

so what im asking to day is which comp./brand for each part is good-high quality and is reliable for a desk top pc.

NOTE:do not focus on price.

Example:cpu: intel or amd (i know all most all of you are going to pick intel)

the parts to pick brands for:

Computer Cases
Fans & Heatsinks:for cpu
Fans :for case
Hard Drives
Power Protection
Power Supplies
Video Cards
liquid cooling:cpu only
liquid cooling:full system
CD / DVD Burners & Media
Cables: other
mouse mat

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Mobo: Gigabyte or Asus
Ram: G.Skill
GPU: MSI or Sapphire
Fans: Scythe or Yate Loons
Keyboard: Filco, Leopold, HHKB, Topre, KBC, CM Keyboard
Headphones: Sennheiser, Beyerdynamic, Audio Technica
Sound card: ASUS
Speakers: Swan
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GPU: Nvidia/EVGA
PSU: Corsair
RAM: Corsair
Fans: Coolermaster
HDD: Western Digital
mobo: Gigabyte/ASUS
case: anything that has consistently high reviews and has what i need
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CPU: Depends
M.B: Gigabyte/ASUS (ASRock)
PSU: Seasonic/Corsair/Antec/XFX
RAM: Corsair/Mushkin/Kingston/G.Skill
Heatsinks/Coolers: Coolermaster/Noctua/Thermalright
HDD: Western Digital/Seagate/Samsung
Case: Lian Li/Corsair/NZXT/Fractal/Coolermaster/Silverstone
Fans: Scythe/Coolermaster/Noctua
Liquid Cooling (pre-filled): Corsair/Antec (I haven't done any custom loops recently, don't find that it's worth the hassle.)
Sound Cards: ASUS/Creative
CD/DVD drives: Sony/ASUS/LG/Samsung
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Geez, you're going to get responses all over the map on this one.
I'll list the brands I bought last/would by, but this does not mean I don't think other brands aren't good too.
Motherboards - Asus
Computer Cases - Lian Li
Fans & Heatsinks: Coolermaster
Fans : don't care
Hard Drives - don't care
Keyboards - don't care, but I use Microsoft ones (made by NMB for them)
Mice - I only use MS or Logitech
Memory: Mushkin! (yes, with an Exclamation mark)
Monitor: Dell IPS (I own 3xU2410's)
Monitor: No preference/no experience
Power Protection - No preference
Power Supplies - Enermax (or nothing)
Printers - They all suck
Soundcards - Creative X-Fi (but I hear great things about the Asus Xonar's)
Speakers - Logitech Z-5500's
Headsets - Sennheiser (or nothing)
SSD - Intel
Video Cards - Radeon's
liquid cooling: don't use/don't care.
liquid cooling: Don't use/don't care
CD / DVD Burners & Media - makes absolutely no difference, but you can't go wrong with LG
Cables:internet - makes absolutely no real difference
Cables: other - same
mouse mat - I like Func pads. the rubber feet suck though, they peel off.
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Look at the warranty that the manufacturer provides and the specs of the item you're trying to buy.
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Corsair and EVGA are often lauded for their exellent customer service (my Power Supply is a Corsair, and my videocard is an nVidia GTX 580 manufactured by EVGA). Kingston and G.Skill are both good RAM manufacturers (I use Corsair, but only because one of their kits went on sale when I was buying RAM; I was all set to go with G.Skill prior to that).
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